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Friday, March 09, 2018

Lifestyle: 5 Little Things I Look Forward To In Spring

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5 Things I look Forward to Most In Spring


Because for the first time, it felt like Spring was officially on its way, with temperatures reaching highs of 10 degrees it made me smile inside and out. It's funny thinking that only two weekends ago we were in Munich experiencing bitterly cold -10 temperatures. 

On the way home from work I even contemplated taking the roof down on my convertible. Don't worry, I didn't, but even so, on my route home, I started to make a mental list of all the things I love about this special season. 

Longer days, warmer temperatures and that distinct spring smell - what's not to love about spring season? 

So what am I looking forward to most about Spring? Here's my top five little things...

(1) The lighter, longer evenings and the "spring air"

A couple of things that everyone loves about spring; rejoicing because it's still light when you arrive home from work. Being able to eat outside. That distinct sweet smell of the season - fresh grass and sickly sweet spring air. Arranging to go to a beer garden to enjoy an after-work bevvie - blissful. Who doesn't love spring? 

(2) Driving with the roof down

This is still rather a new excitement for me as I only picked up my convertible last Spring, in April. Hands down, the best time of the year to appreciate all the things that are great about a convertible is spring and summer. I'll never forget that feeling when we first drove my MX-5 with our heads bobbing and exposed down a windy countryside lane making our way towards our favourite beer garden. 

We felt empowered. Feeling the spring air on our faces, sunshine peeping through the clouds and the wind in our hair (well mostly my hair - Alex doesn't have much ha) it really is something I look forward to and makes road trips even more exciting! 

A little nip in the air? No worries, I'll turn on the heated seats - what's that I hear you say, the first bit of sunshine has appeared in the UK? Yes, that's me flocking to the nearest pub garden or beach, how very British of me! Without sounding snobby, dropping the roof really does expose you to a whole new world of sights, smells and sounds. And it really makes such a difference after spending a day stuck inside a stuffy office!

(3) Spring flowers

Tulips here there and everywhere! In spring, flowers are blooming wherever you look from left to right and the sun is usually right behind, beaming a dewy glow. Daffodils and daises are popping up in meadows and fields all over the place. Its a colorful affair of pastel yellow and I'm feeling mellow. Bliss. I tend to fill my house with tulips too so I can appreciate spring inside and out. 

I'm also looking forward to the warmer weekends where we can get outside and sort out our otherwise miserable garden. Spring is an ideal month for re-planting and injecting some colour and life back into the garden!

(4) Open windows

There's no better feeling that flinging the bedroom windows open on a warm, sweet spring Saturday or falling asleep to the night-time sounds of birds chattering and chirping. There's something about the fresh, clean air, it does wonders for my mood, and is especially great for airing out our home which has otherwise been suffocated for the last three months of cold winter!

It's a pleasure to see because in Spring everyone has their windows open, which makes the indoor air become as fresh as the outside. You can hear the birds chirping in celebration of the warmer weather, you can hear people in their gardens laughing and chatting over a glass of wine and most importantly, people begin to mow their lawns - how bloody satisfying is that sound?

(5) Injecting life and colour back into my outfits

When the weather's warm but still a little chilly? My favourite. Warm enough to warrant bringing out your favourite selection of spring dresses paired down with a gorgeous chunky knitted cardi, enough to keep the breezy spring chill at bay. 

For the last couple of months, my everyday outfit has felt very un-inspiring, at times I've felt like I might just end up turning into a thick grey blanket scarf because I'm wearing it so much! I'm excited to dress up an outfit again and project some personality into the colours I wear. Don't you find yourself very much dressing for the season? If it's cold and wet you'll likely find me head to toe in black and grey. When spring is here it's floral tea dresses galore! Roll on the spring! 

How excited are you at the prospect of spring? What are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below. 

The pictures above are from our mini-moon to the Cotswolds. Although it was a late October in Autumn at the time, we had the most wonderful spring-like weather and spent the weekend exploring, walking and appreciating nature in all its beauty. See that huge smile on my face? That's the effect the weather has on me, oh... and being a newlywed probably helps. 



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