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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lifestyle: Getting Engaged in Italy, Hotel Capo La Gala, Vico Enquense


Surprise Trip to Italy

Back in October for my birthday treat, Alex whisked me away to Italy for a surprise birthday weekendUp until the airport, I had no idea where we were going, only that we needed to be at the airport to catch a flight that Friday afternoon. It was only when we were due to head to our gate that I spotted Naples as our onward destination. The excitement was unreal!

We flew with British Airways and shared lots of excited chatter on the plane. Little did I know that Naples wasn’t to be our final destination. Alex had arranged for us to pick up a hire car upon our arrival to Naples airport so we could drive towards Sorrento. In true Italian style, we hired a Fiat 500 which made the trip all the more magical.

Navigating the roads was initially a little stressful, let's just say the Italian’s drive like madmen and there were a few moments I genuinely feared for my life! The route was pleasant and we even drove past the famous Pompeii on route!

After about an hour, the roads started to narrow and we arrived at the most wonderful boutique 5* hotel; Hotel Capo La Gala, located just outside Vico Equense, a small town about 10 minutes drive from Sorrento. The hotel boasted the most romantic, cliffside location overlooking the fascinating gulf of Naples. 

Italian luxury at its finest, this five-star resort is located in the very heart of the Sorrento Peninsula. Capo La Gala is a renowned boutique design hotel on the water's edge, a jewel rising in the Mediterranean nature of the Sorrento coast; enjoying its very own privileged position to easily reach many of the most evocative corners of the region. Basically, my kind of place!

To keep all surprises under wraps, luckily, Alex had fed me some cover story on the plane. Basically he admitted that he had already been looking at engagement rings, which was an excitement in itself, however, he immediately dismissed the possibility of it happening anytime soon as it would still be at least a couple of weeks until he would be able to order anything in my size. 

Upon hearing this I immediately discarded the idea from my head that this could be the weekend that Alex proposed (well-played Alex, I must say!). Looking back, I'm so glad he said what he said as I truly had no inclination as to what was about to happen. 

Paradise Room

Upon arrival, we were asked to wait within a reception area and offered a glass of bubbly on arrival, nice touch! (little did I know at this point Alex must have been seriously nervous and the staff were all in on the surprise). We were led down some cliffside steps towards an elevator which would take us to our room. 

Now I think about it, the receptionist didn't even stick around to show us the room or explain any finer details, as this was all part of the plan so I could myself, reveal, the luxurious private terrace that stood hidden behind the blue shutters. 

We were staying in the most beautiful room; a "Paradise room" directly overlooking the gulf of Naples. The room was awash with bright white walls and nautical blue and white tones throughout, with scattered shells and seahorse ornaments dotted about the room. 

The most breathtaking part of the room was located behind the blue shutters, which upon first inspection I was convinced must have housed a brick wall or some sort of noisy generator (little did I know - the noise was actually the sound of the outdoor jacuzzi warming up!)

Funnily enough, I really struggled to get the back door open and kept calling Alex's name to help me open it (Again, little did I know, he was hiding in the bathroom frantically trying to get the ring ready in his pocket for "the proposal"). 

Eventually, I managed to poise the shutters open myself, which opened onto the most romantic private terrace with our very own hydro massage pool perched above the cliff edge. 

The view was literally breathtaking, not only because of the twinkling lights from the hotel that lined the cliff, but because there were pink rose petals scattered across the entire terrace and a big bottle of bubbly sat in the middle of the table surrounded by a heart of rose petals. My heart melted! 

Still... I had no idea.

It Happened!

I walked over to the edge of the hydro pool, feeling a little overwhelmed with such a romantic birthday surprise! Next thing I knew, Alex came up behind me, cuddled and held me close as we soaked up the romantic, cliffside setting. 

And I'll never forget those next few words which Alex muttered under his breath... 

"There's something else quite important I need to ask you..."

I spun around on my heel and at that moment, and only in that moment, I knew what was about to happen. 

Alex asked me to marry him in the most beautiful setting. The rest of the evening was just incredible and all a bit of a loved-up blur; we spent the whole night on our private terrace in the outdoor jacuzzi, popping bubbles, toasting glass after glass to seven years of cherished memories so far, chatting, reminiscing, drinking, cuddling, laughing. 

I've never had such a huge smile on my face and that moment couldn't have been more perfect!! 

If you've ever been to Italy you'll know that there is something quite magical and charming about the place. It is very romantic by nature, however, Italy now holds an even more special place in my heart and I'll never forget that weekend. 

An amazing couple of days followed with a day trip to the island of Capri and a road-trip along the Amalfi Coast in our Fiat 500. 

I'll have further posts to come all about our separate adventures in Capri and visiting the Amalfi Coast.
Capo La Gala Hotel and Spa
Via Luigi Serio, 8
80069 Vico Equense, na
Sorrento Coast, Italy
t +39 081 801 5757


  1. Ahhhhh this is so romantic! Well done Alex :) X
    Sophie Cliff

  2. Aaaah so amazing Bec ☺️ So happy for you both, and it looks beautiful!! X

    1. Thanks Verity - I know super romantic! Alex did well :)

  3. Oh my goodness! Congratulations - You are a very lucky lady indeed.
    The whole trip looked dreamy!
    Emma & Alfie xox

    1. Thanks Emma - it was absolutely beautiful! Lots of lovely memories to treasure :)



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