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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Travel: Exploring The #UnexpectedCanaries With Inntravel

exploring the #unexpectedcanaries with inntravel
gran canaria in the canary islands

Recently I was contacted by Inntravel - a travel company who specialises in "slow holidays", in particular, holidays which reveal the lesser-taken path and offer a truly individual holiday experience. Inntravel is currently promoting their holidays to the Canary Islands and in particular, the newly added La Palma Volcanic Trail walking holiday - a self guided hotel-to-hotel walking holiday exploring the dramatic landscapes and creative cuisines of La Palma. 
As an avid traveler and a frequent visitor to the canary islands, I have visited 3 of the 7 islands, Fuerteventura twice, Tenerife twice and Gran Canaria. I must admit, most of these breaks have been taken while partying the night away in my early twenties or in aid of a romantic break away with my other half, so admittedly these trips wouldn't have naturally involved taking the 'slower route'. Some elements of these trips did involve exploring the varied landscapes of the canary islands in more detail, for example, I visited the famous sand dunes while in Furteventura, however, I know there is much much more to these islands than the eye can see. 

For the #UnexpectedCanaries campaign, Inntravel wanted me to create a post about my previous experiences in the Canary islands and explore how I could have benefited from taking the slower route and really immersing myself in all of the beautiful surroundings these famous spanish islands (Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Palma, Tenerife, El Hierro and La Gomera) have to offer. 

blue water in the canary islands
holidays in the canary islands
The Canary Islands are known for boasting some of the most varied landscapes in the world, for example, did you know that Gran Canaria is covered in emerald pine forests and chestnut groves? Or that it is dotted with reservoirs and shrubs? Me neither!
canary islands map inntravel
The seven Canary Islands

Don't get me wrong, where we visited in Gran Canaria was beautiful, however, we mainly stuck to our resort in Melanores - our hotel boasted seven pools and four restaurants. We wanted to get away from reality to enjoy lazing by the pool and frankly enjoyed the idea of doing very little but did venture out to the southwest side of the island to explore the picturesque fishing village of Puerto Mogan. 

However, these areas are still known for being very touristy, so if I was to go back I would make sure to venture somewhere different, for example, the vineyard country, around Tafira, where the Caldera de Bandama sits, a blowout crater that the adventurous walker can descend on foot into, to search out the oldest and most difficult wine-presses on the island. Walking this area would definitely allow for a slower route and a more immerse holiday. 

Another island I've always been keen to visit is La Palma, known to be the steepest island on the planet and the most water-rich of all the Canary Islands. Fortunately, this heart-shaped island has managed to keep itself far below the radar of mass tourism, allowing retention of its strong culture and traditions. It is said that many breathtaking landscapes await for those who are willing to uncover and explore them! 

You can read more about my previous travels to Gran Canaria here: 

(*) This blog was a sponsored post in collaboration with Inntravel (*)


  1. I love the Canary Islands - looking to go this year! Well technically it's still 2016 but in 2017 I'll belaying up the rays! xx

  2. The Canaries are not a destination we have ever been drawn to, but, after seeing your photos of that gorgeous, blue sea - I might just have to give it a whirl!
    Bee |


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