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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lifestyle: Weekly Instagram Snapshots #1

rightupmystreet - Weekly Instagram Snapshots #1

I love Instagram as a visual channel and at the moment I'm posting a couple of updates on the daily, so I thought it would be a good idea to introduce a weekly round-up post on my blog called "Weekly Instagram Snapshots" for those of you who may have missed the odd update here and there.

Let's be frank - with the new algorithm in place its proving slightly difficult to keep up-to-date with all my favourite Instagrammers through the feed itself so hopefully this will help you keep on top of mine with some extra updates here and there.

Enjoy xo.
rightupmystreet weekly instagram snapshots #1

Instagram Snapshots #1 - *Picture descriptions from left to right*

Ice-cream pyjamas
I'm quite in love with my new pyjamas from ASOS which are covered in ice-cream cones from top to toe - as you can see I'm not quite ready to let go of those summer vibes just yet!

Vita coco mocha cafe latte
I've been trying out some of the Vita Coco products (*) provided by Taste PR and the mocha cafe latte with coconut water, an espresso shot and a splash of skimmed milk - super tasty!

Coastal mini-break in Suffolk
We recently stayed for a mini-break in the beautiful coastal town of Aldeburgh on Suffolk's coast, when the sun came out we took a stroll along the pebbled beach front and I stopped to take this squinty shot!

Flower surprises
Some gorgeous and bright flowers I received from Alex's mum this weekend - they headed over to ours on Sunday for dinner out and she always surprises me with a lovely bouquet of fresh blooms!

Room-service breakfast
On the weekend we stayed at the luxury five-star Chelsea Harbour Hotel where I was doing a review stay for Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. On Saturday morning we decided to order a room-service breakfast which was delicious, the view overlooking the marina from our suite wasn't too bad either!

Mischievous kitten
A naughty little kitten who is always up to mischief - she'd just run away with some cotton earbuds right before this photo was taken!

Pink magnums
I recently tried a pink magnum. It's full of raspberry goodness - I'm so glad we've finished the box otherwise I don't think I would have been able to stop snacking on these as an after-dinner treat!

Leisurely beach strolls
Another shot from our leisurely stroll on Aldeburgh beach :)

Sweet desserts
A yummy dessert from the weekend at Chelsea Riverside Brassiere - a white chocolate and apricot mousse! 

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  1. It's true what you said about the algorithm - so, this weekly post you created is utterly creative! Can't believe that I am following your blog. But not your IG - ARGGH! Clicking "follow" now. xoxo

    Much love,
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