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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lifestyle: 5 Quick Tips For Keeping Your Home Tidy

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Does you feel like your home always seems to be disorganised? Mine too! 

I don’t know about you but since becoming a home-owner its definitely taken me some time to adjust (a whole year and a half) to having my own home, especially when learning how to keep my home organised and as clutter-free as possible. 

A lot of the time cleaning and tidying the house can seem difficult and time consuming, but it actually can be pretty simple when you stop perceiving “cleaning” as a task that always requires a hell of a lot of your precious time and effort to be put aside. 

It’s completely normally to finish work, head home, still have a to-do-list as big as your arm, but wait a second, you also need to factor in cooking dinner, oh and ideally go to the gym, sound familiar? 

That’s pretty much me everyday, so of course its completely natural that cleaning and tidying is going to be the last thing you want to think about doing. 

I’m no saint by all means but I’ve put together a couple of handy tips below which I’ve started practicing at home, which are actually helping to make cleaning / tidying / organising a much more simple and effortless activity!  

1) Don't wait, tidy as you go
The longer you let clutter sit before cleaning it up, the harder cleaning it up tends to become. Instead of saying “I’ll clean it up later”, make yourself clean things up right away to save time. 

For example, every morning I have a habit of getting out of bed too late, I then proceed to throw all of my clothes out of my wardrobe and onto my bed as I’m frantically searching for something to wear to work… 

It makes much more practical sense for me to put these clothes away as soon as I’ve picked an outfit rather than leaving in a heap on the floor and arriving home to later that evening in a tired state! 

While this might seem difficult at first, it will eventually become a habit that makes it easy to keep your home free of clutter, so keep at it - you’ll thank me later :) 

2) Listen to music while you hoover!
Do you dread hoovering? Music sure does make this onerous task a lot more fun! 

Along with my trusty Spotify summer playsuit in hand, something that has recently made my hoovering routine a lot more productive is my Dirt Devil hoover (*). I’ve been lucky enough to receive my own to keep so have been testing the product for the last couple of weeks. 

When we first bought the house, we purchased a Dyson hoover in the sale,I must admit, it was a little pricer than the hoover purchases in comparison to my university days, however we wanted something reliable that would give an overall professional and consistent clean for our first home, week after week.  

I do love my Dyson hoover and it really is great for pulling up all the dirt, although, it can get pretty heafy to lug around sometimes, especially up and down the stairs. That’s where my Dirt Devil comes in handy - for getting into those hard to reach places where my Dyson cant, so hoovering the car, hoovering the stairs, the furniture etc.  

Dirt Devil is aimed mainly at the more budget end of the market; people who need something that does the job but doesn’t cost the earth so is ideal for students and first time home owners - so if your looking to speed up your hoovering routine, the portable and lightweight Dirt Devil could be a good option for you!

3) Don't use it anymore? Recycle or give to charity!
One of the easiest ways to organise your home is by having an “honest clear out” as I like to call it and get rid of any of the bits you really don’t use or have a place for. 

With some bits, you’ll likely have to be a brutally honest, like that jumper you bought last year and will always try to convince yourself you still wear, yet it hasn't graced your silhouette once? 

With clothes, I either end up donating to charity, usually through the supplied bags which come through the front door most weeks. 

To my sheer delight, we now have a H&M in town offering a scheme to recycle your old clothes in exchange for store vouchers! Isn’t that great? Well its perfect for a H&M lover like me. You’ll get a £5 voucher (to use off a minimum £25 spend) for every bag of clothes you trade in - so at the moment I’ve been utilising this service!  

4) Put the dishes away while you make your morning cuppa 
Believe it or not, emptying the dishwasher or clearing the draining board of cutlery and dishes every morning can be strangely therapeutic - dont’cha think? 

I’ve started to get into the habit of emptying the dishwasher or wiping down the sides while I’m waiting for my morning cup of tea to brew, or while I’m topping up the food for a hungry kitten - by doing so your killing two birds with one stone - sorted! 

Plus, you’ll thank yourself later when you return home to a gleaming kitchen!  

5) Clean / tidy one room at a time
Does your simple ‘two up two down house’ sometimes feel like its a never-ending maze of mess when it comes to cleaning? 

Make cleaning simple by splitting it into a room-by-room task that you can spend a few minutes on each day, by doing so you’ll find it will take up very little time each day!  

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