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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lifestyle: 5 Things I'm Loving This May

artificial flowers for the home
1. Artificial Flowers For The Home

Since acquiring a naughty kitten, I've had to be quite selective about the fresh flowers I bring home and decorate the house with. Flowers like lilies are extremely poisionous to cats, to my dismay! Not only does Mia stupidly try and eat them, I'm so nervous about leaving her home alone surrounded by any fresh flowers, I've decided to start investing into buying artificial flowers for adding a touch of colour around the home. 

These beautiful white flowers pictured above take pride of place in my office space and bring a warm glow to the room with their egg yolk orange centres! I found these in the home section in Wilkinsons, so they were super cheap - only a couple of £'s. I'd soon love to invest in some more expensive ones from Peony - they have such a beautiful selection. 

Not only do fake flowers look great, they need absolutely no TLC and most importantly - never die!

Of course I'm still buying fresh flowers every now and again, as I love to watch how they bloom day by day. 

baking delicious treats on weekends
2. Baking Delicious Treats

Recently it seems to be Sunday tradition for me to bake some delicious treats. I find myself reading lots of food blogs on the weekend and will always look for a new baking recipe in bed on a Sunday morning. Then I'll most likely head out early afternoon and make a note of all the ingredients I'll need during our Sunday food shop. 

You'll notice theres been quite a few delicious bakes on my blog recently, including an orange and ginger cake with mascarpone icing and a sweet and tangy lemon drizzle loaf.

This weekend I made white chocolate and cranberry cookies and there will be a recipe up these indulgent cookies this week!

Accessorising my outfits with Gemporia
3. Accessorising With Gemporia (*)

I've been really keen on accessorising my outfits recently with lots of jewellery, particularly these statement gemstone rings paired with a couple of silver stacking rings from Topshop. 

Gemporia have so many gorgeous rings with genuine gemstones to choose from, and have pretty much every gemstone you could think of!

How stunning is the Tuscon Green Fluroite gemstone ring on the right?!

Recipe and food inspiration from cookery books
4. Cooking / Recipe Inspiration

I've had my head in a lot of cookery books recently, in particular Marry Berry's 'Cook Now, Eat Later' which we got given for Christmas. There are some delicious recipes inside and it's so lovely to cook up a storm in the kitchen with the light evenings - my kitchen is a sun-trap in the spring / summer months so its super light until about 8.30pm, so its perfect for cooking a late night meal. 

I can see myself wanting to spend a lot more time in our kitchen during the summer months. 

Taylors of Harrogate infused and herbal teas
5. Taylors of Harrogate Tea

Tea lovers unite!!

I recently discovered Taylors of Harrogate fruit and herbal teas when browsing my local Waitrose, I spotted a variety of eye-catching flavours at the end of the aisle on offer for only £2 a box; with infusion varieties including spiced apple, lemongrass and ginger, green tea with strawberry and vanilla and even a rose lemonade I was very eager to try. 

Encased in beautiful packaging inside and out, I was sold when placing the first adorable little tea bag into my mug. I try and drink green tea on the daily due to its impressive health benefits so I am always on the lookout for new green tea flavour combinations - currently my Taylor flavour favourites are green tea with mint and green tea with strawberry and vanilla. 

Turns out Taylors (who already make Yorkshire tea - I had no idea!) have been working in partnership with the Royal Botanic Kew Gardens to create a remarkable range of infusions using the very finest fruits and herbs. 

Next on my list to try is: Sour Cherry!

What things in particular have you been loving this May? 

I'd love to know! Share in the comments box below :)



  1. Those cookies looks absolutely delicious! I would very much like to try them.
    I can't wait for the peonies that start being sold in the shops. Not long now! I'm so glad you've found an alternative with the little kitty in the house.
    Bee |

  2. Oh baking on Sunday's very domestic goddess, go you
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin


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