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Friday, April 22, 2016

Fashion: Jewellery Box Review

Jewellery box review | rightupmystreet delivery rings and necklaces
Jewellery box cute brown paper packaging

gemstone rings from jewellery box

jewellery rings gemstones

The other day I received a package of delicate sorts through the post, it arrived clad in classic brown paper packaging, adorned with a single striped piece of string and a cute 'jewellery box' tag, all tied up in a pretty bow. 

First impressions of were good purely based on the packaging experience alone. I was excited to unwrap and find out what was inside, slowly of course, taking care to not ruin any of the cute packaging! 

Inside were a couple of trinket treats; my favourites - the gemstone rings. I picked up the blue topaz and the round amethyst variation. Both with a simplistic design, and with each large gemstone taking 'the throne' on top of each silver band. 

(You'll have to forgive me, I'm currently addicted to Game of Thrones and have been watching seasons back to back for the last two weeks to catch up and am currently on season 4 and find myself speaking the lingo these days! e.g. my throne reference above!) 

Anything which glistens in the sunshine is a friend of mine! 

The pendant necklace, again simplistic in design, is made from sterling silver and has the capacity to be engraved, if you wish! 

At this moment in time, I just wanted a simple, silver pendant which I could style over loose, oversized tops and smock dresses. It comes in variety of chain lengths, I bought a longer size (16inch I think) as I wanted the pendant to hang low when I style with clothing. 

(*) This jewellery pieces were gifted to me on complimentary basis in exchange for a feature on my blog. I can assure you all opinions expressed here are my own. (*)


  1. Ooh I really love the purple glow to that ring! Stunning. Jewellery box seem to have some really beautiful, classic pieces.

    Katie. La Coco Noire

  2. those are really lovely delicate pieces, the packaging woulda had been sold too very cute

    livinginaboxx | bloglovin


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