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Home Interiors: Furnishing Our Spare Room

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art deco style cushions from cargo home shop
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Multi-coloured patterned cushions
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home sweet home footstool miki sofa bed and jersey chair

Vintage inspired green stool from dotcomgiftshop
Clarke & clarke patterned cushion fabric
Multi-colour Cushions - Cargo Home Shop
Fake Flowers - Wilkinsons
Green Vase - Habitat 
Sheepskin Rug - Ikea

I wanted to share with you another home interiors post - an update on how we've been furnishing our spare bedroom. Mia decided to make a sneaky appearance too! 

As it's quite a small spare bedroom and we already have fitted wardrobes along the left-hand side of the room, we were in a bit of a predicament whether to pop a double bed in here, or go for something a little bit more practical - i.e. a sofa bed which we could stow away and keep looking cosy and homely when guests weren't staying. 

Personally, I was keen for a double bed, I didn't really want to subject my guests to a night on a sofa bed if we didn't have to, however, choosing a sofa bed has definitely been the more sensible idea to suit 'us'. As I've taken over the full wardrobe in our bedroom Alex has been forced to keep all his clothes in the spare bedroom wardrobes so I can sympathise from a space perspective too :)

I've been keeping my beady eye on the website for quite some time now, I've always loved their furniture and knew I would be buying some key pieces from their range for my own home. 

With this Miki sofa bed, conveniently MADE held a pop-up showroom in Brighton for a couple of weeks where they had this Mika sofa bed on display. We measured and tried for ourselves and managed to nab ourselves a discount on the day so ended up buying this Jersey chair in Graphite grey too! 

Although we did have to wait rather a long time for dispatch and delivery, it's been well worth the wait - we've actually been able to get our butts in gear and tidy out a lot of the clutter which has occupied our spare room since we moved in last March. 

Can you believe it has been a whole year?


This room is still very much a work-in-progress. The walls are bare, I want a big modern, art deco style rug to sit in front of the sofa bed, keeping in-line with the mismatched furniture and colour scheme. 

Also on the back wall (which you can see in these photos), I'd quite like to try and squeeze in a small dressing table where I can sit and do my makeup.. also just generally having some more storage space would be helpful! 

I also picked these really cute pieces from the Rex London, the mint green fifties style wooden stool, I decided to style up as a side table.. but you could use this as a seat too. It gives a rather classic look to any room and is quite small so its an ideal size for moving around. This vintage inspired stool is available with red and yellow stool legs too. 

Plus, this countryside inspired stylish padded 'home sweet home' footstool is a true welcome home to my weary feet after a long day at work. Again, this would also be perfect for the living room, it's very versatile so you can style up as you like. 

I hope you like my home interiors update. 

Next, I'm on the look-out for some eye-catching wall art and a funky coloured rug - any suggestions?


(*) All items from Rex London were gifted to me in exchange for an honest review on my blog. I can assure you all opinions expressed here are my own. (*)


  1. It looks amazing!! Love your 70's style sofa and your cushions! xx

  2. Oh my goodness I love this room. I adore that you have added that bright, sunny yellow to the room too. Yellow always makes me think of you!
    Bee |

  3. I love, love, love. It's great to see Made furniture as it looks in a room because I'm always unsure about the size and look from their website! Xxx

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