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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Baking: Easy Peasy Chocolate Slab Recipe

Easy peasy chocolate slab recipe
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I came across a post on Jane's Pattiserie over the Easter weekend for how to make 'Easter Chocolate Bark' - a simple, yet delicious idea! 

With absolutely no baking required within this recipe, I couldn't help but get to work on putting together my own creation straight away. 

Basically just need to melt milk and white chocolate together to form your easy peasy chocolate slab and then you're free to let your creative (and indulgent) ideas come to life. The best thing is that you can pretty much include any / all of your favourite sweets

I actually ending up making two chocolate slabs over the four day weekend - one very similar to Jane's recipe, with a Easter theme of creme eggs, then unfortunately me and Alex ended up eating the whole slab in that first day.. without even taking pictures, so I decided to make another one, so I could share with you how to make a chocolate slab for yourself. 

It was also great timing because it was Alex's brothers birthday yesterday, so I decided to make a chocolate slab with all his favourite sweet treats - this simple recipe works as a fabulous indulgent birthday treat!

I know by this point you're all itching to know how you can make your own chocolate slab? 

For this recipe I wanted to give a extra layer of texture and a contrast against all the chocolate so decided to throw in sultanas into my melted chocolate mix. 

I also scattered some raspberry fruit flakes on the top amongst the smarties and marshmallows, which gave a lovely sweet, fruity flavour to the chocolate slab and kept me going back for seconds and thirds!

This is so simple and delicious, I guarantee you'll want to make more! 

Ingredients You'll Need:

200g white chocolate

200g milk chocolate
2 x packets of raspberry fruit flakes 
A handful of sultanas
1 x sharing packet of smarties
Hundreds and thousands sprinkles 

How To Make:

1) Line a 9×13″ Baking tray with greaseproof paper.
2) Prep your sweets if need be - e.g. if anything needs chopping. For my other chocolate slab I used creme eggs so cut these into quarters. If your going to use creme eggs, make sure you leave them in the fridge for about 30 minutes before hand. 
3) Now its time to melt the white chocolate and milk chocolate. I just used the microwave for this and broke up the chocolate into small squares in two separate bowls. Heat in the microwave until melted. You may need to stop a few times, check and stir. 
4) For this recipe I wanted to include sultanas within the chocolate slab mix so once your chocolate is melted, mix in some sultanas to both your melted white and milk chocolate. 
4) Now it's time to grab your baking tray with the greaseproof paper - pour the melted white chocolate with sultanas combined into the tray and spread out so its even, then pour over the melted milk chocolate and swirl it with the end of a knife to make white and milk chocolate swirls.
5) Evenly sprinkle over your sweet treats - make sure no segment has been neglected! 
6) Pop your tray into the fridge, it will be solid and ready to eat with about a 1-2 hours. 
7) Leave in longer if you want to harden up the chocolate slab even more. 
Now - most importantly - ENJOY!


  1. Hmm this look delicious! Definitely something I'll have to try with my fave sweeties <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. I am SO digging the fact that this is no baking required. Lazy level: expert AKA = me!! Favouriting these to make soon...they look so tasty.

    xx La Coco Noire

  3. You'd think I can't handle any more chocolate after Easter - forget it, it looks delicious and I would eat this right now if I could ;)

    Alina from The Fairytale Pretty Picture and category manager at The Olive Fox

  4. I made my own version of this recipe today. It worked out beautifully :) Have a look at mine:


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