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Monday, March 28, 2016

Food: Country Pub - Stag On The River in Eashing, Surrey

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Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, me and Alex were keen to seek out a new pub in the Surrey area for a Sunday roast. After a little bit of browsing online for pub recommendations in Surrey, we settled on making a visit to The Stag on the River in Eashing, near Goldalming. 

This country pub is comfortably nestled in the small, quiet village of Eashing, perched on the banks on the River Wey (hence the name) and sits next door to a huge Mill, which appears to be still in use. This village pub is popular with locals for dining with a varied food and drink menu, while also offering a relaxed escape to the country, with seven luxury bedrooms, each designed with charm and character. 

We weren't staying guests, so I'm only judging the accommodation by the website, however, the rooms do look rather luxurious, enriched with duck egg blue interiors and adorned with oak beams; each room appears to offer that quaint country charm. 

Luckily, we were able to nab a last minute booking on Easter Sunday at 3pm, so we purposely skipped breakfast and arrived with grumbling stomachs, ready to explore what the menu had to offer.  

Upon arrival, to my dismay, the only downside of our experience was hearing from the bar that they had run out of prosecco.. seriously? It must have been a VERY busy bank holiday weekend after all!

I was keen for some bubbles and I'll admit, a glass of prosecco was top of my list, however, unable to part ways with a whopping £9 for a glass of Lanson champagne so close to the end of the month I opted for a 'Grey Goose Fizz' cocktail, consisting of Grey goose vokda, elderflower liquor, shaken with lime and soda. It was lovely and light and so great I had two! 

I couldn't help but notice how large the roast portions were on various tables as we walked through the pub, but we were both very hungry so still wanted to share a starter. I had already been talking with Alex in the morning about my craving for a scotch egg, and to my delight there was a delicious pork and black pudding scotch egg on the menu!  

My eyes gleamed as we were quickly greeted with the oozy orange scotch egg; the plate layered with seasoned watercress and a chunky apple sauce. This was one of the most delcious scotch eggs I've ever had, I was actually quite disappointed we decided to share a portion, even after finishing my rather large half. Paired with the black pudding and sweet apple - the flavour combination was perfect! 

Then onto our roasts, I chose Pork lion and Alex chose Lamb Shank. Each plate piled to the brim with crispy roast potatoes, golden carrots, sweet red cabbage, lashing of gravy and one of the biggest yorkshire puddings I have seen in my life.. even Yorkshire would be proud! 

We both gobbled up every last bit and sat there rather smugly, very pleased with our choice of pub. 

It would have been even better to have been able to escape upstairs and hideaway in a room after such a hearty meal. 

If your looking for a great pub in the Surrey area, this is a strong contender! I'm looking forward to visiting one of the sister restaurants next for a change of scenery while I sit there and devour the same, delicious scotch egg. 

The Stag on the River
Lower Eashing Lane
Eashing (Nr. Goldalming)


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