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Monday, February 29, 2016

Home Interiors: My Tips For Using Art As Part Of Your Home's Interior Design

*This home interior design post is sponsored and in collaboration with King & McGaw*

We're approaching almost a year in our first home this March, however, a lot of the walls are still looking extremely bare. When we moved in, the place was minimalistic with white walls, cream carpets and wooden floors. It's a modern build, only ten years old and the perfect foundation to put our own creative stamp on it!

Personally, I'm a very visual person so a room has to be very visually pleasing for me, complete with furnishings, accessories and colours which evoke light, warmth and positivity. Art is expressive, so its all about picking out those pieces which reach out to you.. be that emotionally, visually or just for practicality sake.

A lot of people have this very traditional idea that art is expensive.. you know the type where a famous artist will stroke one fine coloured line on a page, it gets hung on the walls of a well-established art gallery and boom, its sold to highest bidder for millions of pounds. Art need not be expensive, or difficult to source as there is clearly no lack in inspiration, in-fact, art is all around us and nowadays not only are the shops, cafes, restaurants, or your best friends house filled with art, but the internet is also a-wash with pools of expressive and creative sharing outlets. With Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr only to name a few, bursting at the seams with interior design inspiration and various tips and ideas on how you can shape, style and design your own home, the possibilities of where you can draw inspiration from really are endless!

Since buying and owning my first home, I've now got the go-ahead to be as creative as I like, with nobody around to stop me ripping down old wallpaper, painting a wall bright yellow, or even hammering picture hooks to my hearts content. The world is my oyster!

As I'm still on the hunt for wall-art to compliment my new home, I've put together a few of my top tips for how I go about choosing art and the elements I take into consideration when incorporating new art into my home's interior design.

Top Tips on Choosing Art For Your Home

1. Choose Art That You Love!

Most importantly - choose art that you love!

If you see a piece of art, and your instantly drawn to it, you know you've got to have it. Personally, I'll go for any visual art that can enhance my mood or positivity and fuels my creative thought. Plus if its visually stimulating and is eye-catching its a big winner for me!

Like this beautiful three-piece floral wall-art canvas I got from Graham and Brown.

Graham and Brown wall art home interiors

2. Pick A Range Of Mixed Media / Mediums

With a few different rooms on offer I think its key to 'mix it up' with your wall-art. Be that through a range of mixed media - modern art prints in one room or art deco rugs and shapes in the next.

Think texture.. for example, this piece of wall-art in my bathroom is part of a nautical theme and this textured wall piece looks great in my bathroom. Otherwise, the walls are rather plain in colour and design, and overlaid on a very similar coloured white wash wall, the 2D textured effect helps to enhance the structure of this piece.

I always think which will have the biggest impact visually? 

Patterns? Cityscapes? The key is to vary your art mediums room to room - personally my home features lots of bold colourful canvas', floral art or travel wanderlust like a row of beach huts in the summer.

welcome on board nautical bathroom accessories

3. Seek Out Interior Design Inspiration

Like I said before, the internet is glowing with design inspiration! Personally I will either look to interior design magazines, like this 'home' edit by House of Fraser incorporating their own products into enviable homes, or naturally I'll be pinning like crazy on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great place to browse for dreamy interior design inspiration, and generally I find it just helps to get your creative juices flowing and helps give you a feel for what kind of design and style you do and don't like. Also home furnishing websites like are great for 'room inspiration' too as they regularly feature photographs of the actual furniture styled in customers homes.

I definitely start browsing for art and home inspiration first, as this will help you form a solid idea of what styles, colours and mediums you'll want to seek out for your own home!

interior design inspiration home magazines

4. Measure - Where's It Going To Sit?

When browsing for your first wall-art purchase, your going to give yourself a head start if a. you know what wall and what room its going to sit, and b. If you know what the ideal dimensions you want it to be are.

Having this information upfront will save you a lot of time and hassle. Believe me its very easy to get caught up in the love of a piece of art, get it home and realise it doesn't fit or completely throws off the balance of the room, then you'll have to start your search all over again!

modern mirror wall art copper

5. Colour

Colour is such an important consideration when picking art for your home. Remember to take into account your room's current colour palette; furnishings, pillows, carpets, curtains, the whole lot..! This way you can create an ideal palette of colours to match with your chosen artwork.

Questions to ask yourself:
  • Do you want a showstopper? 
  • Or something minimal, yet simplistic? 
  • Or merely something that will 'blend in'?
It's important to balance against your room's current colour palette, or otherwise, if your starting off with a blank canvas and you happen to be choosing your wall-art first, remember your colour choice is likely to shape the future colour palette of your entire room I.e what you pick for furniture!

multicoloured zebra canvas

6. Lighting

Play around with the lighting in a room. A piece of art which is well-lit will brighten up any room!

Below I've picked some of my favourite art prints from King & McGaw:

Kauai art print king and mcgaw

Kauai Art Print - £14.95

One point perspective art print king and mcgaw

An american in london art print king and mcgaw

Macaroons art print king and mcgaw

I hope you enjoyed my post! 



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