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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Travel: Where To Visit On A Citybreak To Rome

where to visit on a citybreak to rome
roman statue history

coffee stop in rome

building and architecture in rome italy

Rome, is a beautiful, picturesque European city full of life, colour, history, culture and most importantly carbs!

I was lucky enough to visit the heart of Rome on a trip with my family, as a friend of the family decided they wanted to get married in a church in central Rome, very romantic! There was even a traditional 8 course Italian wedding breakfast consisting of all the most wonderful pasta dishes (spaghetti bolognase and carbonara to name a few!)

Of course, we decided to add a few days onto our trip as wanted to squeeze in some time to tour the city and see all the famous sites this architecture rich city has to offer. 

And undoubtedly, a trip to Rome wouldn't be complete without a trip to a Pizzeria or a gelato shop! I certainly managed to eat more than my fair share of pasta, pizza and ice-cream on our short 3 day trip! 

In terms of accommodation we actually ended up staying outside central Rome as this proved a lot cheaper and it was easy enough to catch a shuttle or taxi into central Rome whenever we needed. 

This city has so much to offer for the avid traveler, culture enthusiast or even just the wanderluster wanting to document a city break on Instagram.. as we packed in a lot of tourist attractions I wanted to share with you some recommendations of places I think you must-visit if your planning a trip over there anytime soon. 

Below I've put together some of my top visitor attractions ideal for anybody wanting to take a citybreak in Rome and explore some of the beautiful ancient remains. 

Remember though, there are so many more places not on this list, however with a fairly short trip and a wedding primarily to attend, we had to cram in fairly tight. 

Where to visit in Rome:

1. The Colosseum 
This stunning piece of ancient Roman architecture is a site like no other. The Colosseum was once the largest amphitheatre in the Roman empire. This would have been a place where gladiators, lions and those accused of crimes would have been put to the test. 

Even though a lot of the structure has now been lost due to natural disasters, this magnificent structure still remains a fascinating and historical site of beauty which you must visit! 

A european citybreak to Rome

Visiting the Colosseum in Rome

A citybreak to Rome with my family

Inside the colosseum tourist attraction
2. The Spanish Steps
The spanish steps are one of Rome's most popular tourist attractions - as you can clearly see from the crowds in my pictures! 

This beautiful staircase of 138 steps is always buzzing with tourists and market traders who will try and sell you a Prada knock-off bag for a couple of pounds. The staircase leads to one of Rome's most upmarket shopping areas. 

Photograph on the spanish steps

3. The Trevi Fountain 
As the myth goes - floods of tourists will flock here to throw their loose chain into the fountain in a hope to "assure their return to Rome"

Plus if you stop off here - the streets surrounding the Trevi Fountain are awash with small pizzeria's galore - which is definitely a foodie lovers dream

rightupmystreet travel blogger

4. The Roman Forum
The Roman Forum was once the very center of ancient Rome. It used to serve as a focal point for political, civic and religious life. With spectacles of magnificent temples and arch-ways, the forum clearly was the center of it all. 

Some of its key structures still remain, and there is plenty of history to walk-through and see from the remaining structures. 

No trip to Rome is complete without a stroll around the Roman Forum! 

The roman forum full of history and culture

Top attractions to visit in Rome

5. Castel Sant Angelo 
Another great structure located by the river - now used as a museum which tells the story of its history. The main reason why I like this attraction so much is because of its position by the river and how they both light up at night. 

Castel Sant Angelo in Rome

I hope you like my post and find the recommendations useful!

I'd love to do another travel trip to Italia, so I'd love to hear your recommendations of other areas of interest to visit in Italy? 


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  1. Rome looks incredible! I didn't realise they were so many ruins still standing there!
    I love reading other peoples travel posts and recommendations, i'm hoping to go interrailing this year so I'll bear these suggestions in mind! xxx


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