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Friday, January 22, 2016

Fashion: Travel Reflections & Winter Fashion Favourites

How I wear a fur gilet in winter
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How I wear my Olivia Burton watch
H&M fluffy fur gilet in grey
Fur gilet worn with polo neck

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Fashion outfits for the winter

Leather riding boots from TU Clothing at Sainsburys
Fur Gilet - H&M

You've probably noticed its been a while since I've blogged about fashion and fashion blogging. 

In this past year I've felt that my blog has become much more of a 'lifestyle blog' than purely just fashion focused. As you've probably seen I've been lucky enough to blog about some fab hotels, restaurants and cocktail bars - which I'm not going to lie, I love, and I feel this has really started to take shape as an avenue for me to blog about, after all, this blog is my place to document and share all the hobbies and experiences I love! 

I've always been keen on the little luxuries in life and for me there is nothing more exciting than a stay-cation in a luxury boutique hotel, winding down with a glass on wine in hand, on a Friday night with a delicious gourmet cooked dinner in front of me.. just me? No I didn't think so! 

Ever since I was little my dad always tried his hardest to travel us far and wide and explore some fab travel destinations, (Australia, Tobago, Mauritius, Las Vegas, Chicago, Fiji, Singapore, LA) oh but to name a few and I've been seriously lucky (and thankful) to see some extraordinary destinations in my 25 years. 

Most destinations - I wouldn't have even been able to dream of affording out of my own pocket nowadays, (with a mortgage and many bills to pay), or at least it would take me a good few years to save up, so I'm very thankful for my numerous family holidays organised by my dad. Even more so now my dad unfortunately is suffering from a terminal illness and isn't allowed to travel on a plane due to medical reasons.. so I'm glad we had the chance as a family to share all those special memories together so early on in life. 

Even more so, I think I'm taking such great pleasure in relishing in all the travel, food and drink opportunities being thrown at me purely because it makes my dad so happy and proud and frankly right now there's nothing better than knowing I've put a smile on his face and hopefully spreading a little happiness and gratitude, and most of all, showing him my thanks for shaping me into the travel-loving, curious explorer type that I am today. 

If there's anything I regret, it was being so young travelling, as I probably didn't appreciate or document a lot of the things and places I've seen half as much as I would do now! I'll admit, as a young naive child I did adamantly try and hold up a diary for most of my Australia trip, however upon reading this back it really didn't have much value and most daily entries followed with something along the lines of "I got up, I got dressed, then we ate breakfast.." I think you get the jist! 

Mostly the family holidays have been long-haul, so naturally I've currently got the itch for European city-breaks that bit closer to home, as they are so much more affordable, plus there is so much of Europe I haven't seen yet! 

That will definitely be 2016's travel aim. 

Anyway I won't lie - I love fashion, always have, always will, plus I really love sharing my outfits with you all and styling up my different high-street purchases and getting your feedback on my looks. 

However, travel, food and drink is very much a part of this blog now too so I hope you all still like the content as much. (I'd be grateful of any feedback!)

Look how sidetracked I've got, OK now onto the outfit...

H&M is still a firm favourite of mine in the high-street fashion department, however I'm still awaiting our new store to take shape in my local town! 

When browsing Guildford I spotted this gorgeous shaggy-fur style gilet. It's a little different to the usual faux fur gilet I've seen around town and knew it would look great layered over a polo-neck to give me that extra layer of warmth in the winter months. 

It's the perfect wardrobe accessory as it looks great over smocks / dresses / jeans and a top and even paired with a skirt and top combo. 

As we speak I've literally just purchased another two in the H&M sale! 



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