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Friday, January 08, 2016

Travel: Mauritius Travel Photo Diary

Trip to Gabriel Island in Mauritius
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Couples sunset picture paradise

Playing volleyball on the beach in Mauritius

Crystal clear waters beach at sunset

Panoramic views Mauritius island

Mauritius bay cove

Unspoiled beaches in Mauritius

Natural paradise Gabriel Island

Speedboat trip over to Gabriel Island, Mauritius

We were lucky enough to stay at the formerly known Le Coco Beach Resort, which has now been completed redesigned and refurbished into the beautiful Long Beach Mauritius.

This 5* hotel boasts an idyllic location spanning the extensive seafront along the famous Belle Mare beach.

I've put together a quick photo travel diary of my stay in Mauritius, mostly capturing the beautiful rich coloured sunsets we would see almost every night, which ranged from orange and red to purple and blue in colour!

Mauritius was one of my first long haul holidays with my family, it really is a tropical paradise and the island has so much to offer.

Mauritius itself is covered in lush, and untouched vegetation, scenic mountain trails and a diverse ecosystem.

On our trip we wanted to made sure we experience some of the island's 'untouched vegetation' by visiting a Tea Factory called Bois Chéri, the biggest tea producer in Mauritius. This included a tour of the tea factory where you can see how its all manufactured, a visit to the tea plantation and finally a tea tour wouldn't be complete without some tea tasting, where we headed over to the chalet for tea and biscuits. 

From the chalet you can experience a great panoramic view of the south of the island while sipping on some of the finest Mauritian tea! If your a tea lover I definitely recommend checking out a tour like this; its a little different and very insightful to see behind the scenes! 

You can find out more about what to expect from a visit to the Bois Cheri tea factory here.

During our travels, we also went on a speedboat trip to Gabriel Island where we explored the island and did some snorkeling. Gabriel Island is a natural paradise island, with beautiful unspoiled beaches where the sand appeared to be even more white (if that's even possible), and the island featured crystal clear waters spanning the entire island.

If your wondering - Gabriel Island is the first and last two pictures featured on my photo diary above!

On our visit to the island we spent most of our time either relaxing at the beach bar, sunbathing or just admiring the gorgeous scenery all around us!

I'd love to go back to Mauritius and experience the natural beauty and culture this unspoiled paradise has to offer, especially since the hotel we stayed at has been completed redesigned.

I hope you enjoyed my photo diary.



  1. This place literally looks like paradise! Looks like you had an amazing time! xxx

  2. Eeeew, this place looks so so beautiful! I haven't even heard of Mauritius before but it absolutely looks like somewhere I would love to explore. It sounds like you had a lovely time too and you got some absolutely wonderful photographs! :)
    Nicole xxx

  3. Oh my goodness, it looks incredible! Hope you had the best time :) xx

    Wander with Laura


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