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Friday, January 15, 2016

Fashion: Countrypark Walks With Joules Clothing

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Southwater country park

Joules Clothing waterproof coat

Swan in the lake walking

Country park walk adventure

Wellies and countryside walks

Country park walks with Joules Clothing

Joules Clothing wellies, scarf and waterproof jacket

Joules printed dog design wellies

ASOS rucksack retro

Barbour wellies with hunter welly socks

Trendy wellies from Joules Clothing

UK travel blogger rightupmystreet

Knitted Jumper - HM
Jeans - ASOS

Even with the weather miserable and grey, I've experienced the odd sunshine spell!

This weekend was one of those moments.. as you can see in these photos, we had a lovely little spot of sunshine through the clouds for about 30 minutes while we went on a local Country Park walk.

Believe it or not, about 10 minutes before these photos were taken it was throwing it down with rain, and once we left, the heavens opened with huge hailstones. Strange English weather indeed!

Pretty much my whole outfit here is Joules Clothing, purely because I've been obsessed with the brand ever since a shop opened up on my high-street - unfortunately it's only a small shop so there's a lot of stock online which isn't available in-store. I pretty much head in here for a mooch around most lunch breaks.

I started off by oohing and ahhing over a few bits and pieces, which Alex then got me for my birthday - which included this ridiculously thick patterned scarf. It's great because I can wear it two ways.. on one side its bright yellow and grey checkered, and the other, is a more toned down grey stripe.

Plus, because its so thick, its perfect for my chilly walk to and from work, so its a great length to wrap around at least twice and hide under on my walk home.

Another reason for our walk was because we were both sporting new wellies.. how exciting! I've realised now I've a mortgage, my own house and a pet cat, I'm feeling quite grown up and I'm really starting to appreciate the finer things in life.. like um.. wellies.

I surprised Alex with a pair of Barbour wellies for Christmas, along with some Hunter welly socks.. that way he can pick and choose which brand he wants to represent! Ha..

Plus in the New Year sales, low and behold I spotted this super cute discounted pair in Joules Clothing - they feature an adorable printed dog design and were only £29.95. Plus there were snug welly socks on offer too - in fact you can still grab both on the website (I've linked above if your interested).

The wellies didn't disappoint, super comfy and a perfectly timed purchass considering it had just rained. They have a 1 year guarantee too incase anything goes wrong.

There's so many things on the Joules Clothing website I'd like to get my hands on. I must admit I can't wait for January to be over now.. the budgeting is killing me.



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