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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Food: A Classic BRGR & Coke Float In London

Great shakes and floats at BRGR London

classic old school coke float and burger

Original cheeseburger at BRGR

rightupmystreet uk food blogger

Parmesan truffle fries BRGR

Cheeseburger and parmesan truffle fries at BRGR Chelsea

Onion rings, BRGR chelsea in london

best burger contender in chelsea london

The 'Bronut' dessert

127 King's Road
Nearest Tube: Sloane Square (5 min walk)

Established in 2010, BRGR.CO are still a relatively "new kid on the block" when it comes to the already bustling London burger scene. 

For the sides think Parmesan truffle fries, or everybody's favourite old fashioned mac n' cheese! I for one had heard good things about the Parmesan truffle fries - and they didn't disappoint. Doused in cheese and lathered with the perfect amount of truffle oil, I'd happily have these at my 'aside' all day long. 

Onion rings - traditional, crispy and most importantly light - when I'm already piling on the calories the last thing I want to consume is unwanted grease.

BRGR express the tag line of "refusing to compromise on quality" and take pride in offering great shakes and floats. If you're a traditionalist like me, I'll always opt for a coke float if its on the menu and find it sits as a refreshing accompaniment to a burger and fries. 

Upon reading the walls at this Chelsea BRGR joint I learnt that 'a good marbling gives the beef a superior juiciness and flavour, as the fat melts during the cooking process' and this is what BRGR practice and preach. 
Now onto the most important part: The Burger.

Like I mentioned already, the London burger scene is already bursting at the seams, its hard enough introducing a new food joint, let alone establishing yourself within the industry. Believe me I've tried a lot of burgers in my time, to name a few of the most memorable; Bryon burger, Honest burgers, Meat Liquor, Dirty Burger, Five Guys.. etc.. so the bar was already set high. 

However, the juiciness and flavour in my BRGR cheeseburger I couldn't fault - if I could include an emoji right now in this post to express my burger delight; you know which one would sit here. 

Suitably impressed, (already full to the brim - as you'd expect from the above) the waiter still managed to convince us to finish off with a dessert. We were persuaded towards 'The Bronut', this suitably named dessert is half doughnut, half brownie, as the name suggests.

The picture tells all - this was scrummy. Need I say more. All in all, a filling, carbolicious lunch! 

Thanks to the team for having us and helping me leave half a stone heavier.

Another cheeseburger joint review here.


(*) My meal at BRGR was provided on a complimentary basis in exchange for an honest review on my blog. I can assure you all opinions expressed here are my own. (*)

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  1. Man, that looks amazing and made me hungry. Luckily it is about lunch time here in CO. Thanks for sharing :)


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