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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lifestyle: Christmas Gift Idea: Luxury Hamper

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wicker hamper full of goodies

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rose wine gift in hamper

dark chocolate meringues handmade in cotswold

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serenata hamper full of indulgent treats

serenata flowers gift hamper christmas idea

Recently I received a beautiful wicker hamper from Serenata Flowers full of indulgent luxury treats.

I thought this post would be ideal to post in the run up to Christmas while your all frantically trying to decide on what gifts to buy your loved ones! 

Personally I was gifted this hamper, however, immediately after receiving, and being so thrilled with my delightful wicker hamper full of delectable goodies I wanted to gift somebody else with one. 

My mum's birthday was the perfect opportunity. I decided on the Birthday Chocolate Hamper, as my mum is a huge chocolate lover so knew this would be perfect. It was packed full of indulgent chocolate treats; fudge, truffles, Belgium chocolates, raisins and even chocolate covered strawberries, plus a cute little teddy and the hamper is included! 

Not only was I was impressed with the quality gifts included, but Serenata Flowers must be one of the best value for money I've come across for hamper gifts. I say this because your usually going to always pay at least £50 plus (at a minimum) for a hamper filled with treats bought from a high street department store like BHS, Debenhams or John Lewis. 

With Serenata flowers a lot of the hampers start from prices as little as £20, so there's a variety of options to suit all budgets! Delivery is also free too, plus you can even pick a specific date for delivery free of charge. Plus, there's always some discount codes floating around too.

I've been so impressed with both my gifted hamper and the hamper I gifted my mum that I really recommend you take a look if your struggling with christmas gift ideas!

Of course, they offer much more than just hampers (its in the name) you can even get flowers, wine and chocolate gift sets too. 

I'm pretty sure my hamper was a tailored selection of a mix of gifts offered in different hampers from the website. 

My hamper in the photos above included;

A rose petal luxury gift collection shower / bath set
A bottle of rose wine
Dusted truffles
Strawberries covered in white chocolate 
Handmade dark chocolate merigunes
Chocolate and raspberry biscuits for tea
Cocoa dusted salted toffee truffles
Serenata caramelised butter fudge

I've been a bit delayed in getting this post written so unfortunately I've had to wait until publishing this post to actually open and enjoy my indulgent treats; oh the things we do for blogging right!

Luckily, I sampled one or two from my mum's hamper including the salted toffee truffles and butter fudge, which was so yummy. 

I'll be sure to report back on how delicious the rest of my goodies are!



  1. Oh my word! This looks wonderful. I think hampers are wonderful gift ideas for Xmas!
    Bee |

  2. Oh wow such a gorgeous hamper!

  3. I feel like hampers are proper traditional Christmas gifts, and definitely something I love to give AND receive! This one is just gorgeous, the truffles look divine! x

    Martha Jane |


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