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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Cocktails: Making Mojito's With My Taste Cocktails Kit

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As it's currently London Cocktail Week (5-11 Oct) I thought this "cocktail-making" post was right on cue!

I received a pretty cool gift from a lovely fellow called Toby, at TASTE Cocktails. Basically it's a website which offers you your very own cocktail kit - full of bar-quality ingredients. 

They offer various cool cocktail-concoctions such as a monthly cocktail subscription box, or even just the one-off kit to try your hand at mastering bar tending! 

There's lots of cocktail ingredients boxes to choose from, such as; margarita's, daiquiri's, sours, bramble's, gin martini's, or a mojito kit - which is the one I picked. 

If you follow Rightupmystreet on Instagram, I can often be found posting pictures of my latest cocktail indulge, however, mojito's usually feature on a regular basis - there's something so refreshing and sweet about this mix, its definitely a favourite classic of mine!

So of course I jumped at the chance to experiment with making my own. Now remember guys, your paying for bar-quality ingredients, we don't want no watered down Slug and Lettuce cocktails round here (opps - a 'shameful' name and shame from me there!) so your going to have to expect to pay a bit of a premium on a per box basis, for example, the Mojito box is £29. 

A great idea is to get friends involved too, because with the ingredients provided they recommend you can enjoy up to 6 drinks per box - so why drink alone? This would be ideal for a house party or pre-drinks. 

The box comes complete with a little recipe book too, for the mojito box in particular it offered a few alternatives to the classic mojito mix - you've even got the supplies to make your own Bolivan Mojito. 

My mojito box featured the below; 

El Dorado 3 and 5 year aged rums
Agwa coca leaf liqueur
TASTE sugar syrup
Marie Brizard Grenadine
Angostura Bitters

I decided to make the classic mojito to start off with the following recipe;

12 Mint Leaves
40ml of Rum
15ml Fresh Lime Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
Soda Water
Handful of Crushed Ice

and made my yummy mojito by following the below;

1. Start off by clapping the mint leaves in between your hands lightly; this will help to release the aromas, then muddle these leaves in the base of the glass. Squeeze a fresh lime into a glass. 
2. Add all of the liquid ingredients (So the rum, fresh lime juice and sugar syrup) - Hold off on the soda water yet - that comes later on!
3. Then half-fill the glass with crushed ice - I just had full ice-cubes and put into a plastic bag and hammered for a bit with a rolling pin to create the smaller crushed ice we all love in a classic mojito!
4. "Churn" the ice together with your ingredients (I just used the end of a metal spoon to churn) - this will help to mix, dilute the drink and distribute the mint leaves evenly.
5. Then top the drink up with a bit more crushed ice and add a splash of soda to taste (based on your preference).
6. Then garnish with a sprig of mint!
7. I also sprinkled some sugar around the rim of the glass (I always prefer this naughty extra!)

Its as simple as that! Most importantly, its tasted great. 

I'm definitely going to save the rest of my ingredients box for my birthday weekend in a couple of weeks when I'm having the girls round for pre-drinks before we go to a club. 

If you do happen to purchase your own cocktail kit from TASTE cocktails I would love to see your posts and ideas, so we can learn each others recipes tricks and tips. 

Also - if you love cocktails like me, it's worth checking out the website currently because you can currently get £5 off your first kit! 


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  1. This is so cool! My alcohol knowledge is pretty sad, so I really want to learn how to make cocktails!


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