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Monday, July 13, 2015

Food: The New Summer Range At Maison Blanc Pattiserie

maison blanc pattiserie

maison blanc cake display

maison blanc croissants

maison blanc savoury

maison blanc freshly baked bread

homemade lemonade

freshly baked sausage rolls
maison blanc 'lovingly homemade'

Maison Blanc Pattiserie
73A North Street

I recently was invited to visit the Maison Blanc Patisserie, my closest store was conveniently situated on Guilford high-street - Alex's home town so we empty bellies we popped over one afternoon. 

We were visiting specifically to try and taste the Pattiserie's new summer range on offer. 
  • This included three cupcake flavours; Strawberry Cream, Lemon Curd and Choco Berry. 
  • Three of the largest macarons I have ever come across; Blackberry, Ispahan and Lemon. 
  • Followed by two tarts; Tart aux fraises and Lemon hibiscus. 
We were also encouraged to sample an iced drink each alongside the impressive cake selection. I opted for the cooling raspberry and pomegranate smoothie; following close by the berry theme and Alex choose the vanilla frappe. 

As you can see from the pictures I've taken above, the patisserie is very bright, airy and welcoming through adopting a range of pastel tones for the cafe and cake counter backdrop. Particularly warm pink tones which encourages the idea of 'lovingly crafted' and handmade French inspired food. 

maison blanc summer range

maison blanc frappe and smoothie

maison blanc summer range cakes

blackberry macaron
maison blanc cupcakes

ladybird cake

mouthwatering macarons

The summer range was bold and brilliant. 

I will admit, there was far too many cakes on offer for the two of us to devour, but of course we took these home in a doggy bag for laters.

Every cake contained such detail and was very vibrant in colour.

Macarons are my absolute favourite; and proving quite the French delicacy, those on offer were huge. They were probably about the size of the palm of my hand. I started with the lemon macaron, with was zesty in flavour and full of punch and filled with soft, smooth patisserie cream.

My favourite had to be the raspberry macaron filled with both fresh nozzles of cream and plump raspberries; the same with blackberry filled macaron.

Although these were large in size, they were still light and fluffy and didn't prove too over-indulging,

However, the cupcakes were a little heavier on the indulgent side; definitely the type you would easily be full after a whole one alongside a cup of tea, but we were troopers, keen to sample a section of each cupcake.

I was most drawn to keep nibbling at the Strawberry cream cupcake, probably because it was the lightest in texture. I love lemon curd, however, this cupcake was quite heavy all at once (with a lemon curd filling and generious swirls of lemon icing), but none the less I was making a judgement after eating about 5 other cakes, so I was bound to feel a bit on the defeated side.

I was really impressed with the selection on offer at the Patisserie, from homemade cakes, tarts and cupcakes to savoury croissants, sausage rolls and quiches. There were some impressive displays at the front of the shop including a beautiful layered floral wedding cake.

With ample seating area, its a great place to visit for a quick sweet treat alongside a hot drink or cooling iced frappe. The only comment I would make; with a full-service cafe in action, it would have been beneficial to have some bathroom facilities on-site and even a separate cafe area (I'm aware this is space permitting) upstairs or downstairs, as the Patisserie is predominately for take-aways and orders and would help to separate the experience.

I can't wait to go back and sample some of the savoury selection on offer; just as we were leaving a fresh batch of homemade sausages rolls was escorted straight from the oven onto the display; these looked mouth-wateringly good!

Thanks to Maison Blanc in Guildford for having us and for being very helpful hosts!



  1. Those macaroons look AMAZING! And that cake that's like a little lady bird, extraordinary! That's cake srtistry at it's finest!
    Places like this are so lovely, the bright pastels always tempt me in to places like this!
    Bee xxx


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