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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fashion: How To Wear A Suede Skirt

suede skirt and white blouse
how to wear a suede skirt

how to style a suede skirt

missguided heeled chelsea boots

right up my street fashion blog

sainsburys suede skirt with front zip

right up my street
Gold Chain Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Heeled Chelsea Boots - Missguided

Ever since suede skirts made a bold re-appearance on the fashion scene I've been umming and aaahing about whether I could pull one off. 

And it doesn't help when everyone you see wearing one looks pretty bloody awesome especially Megan from Pagesbymegan here. To put it bluntly I'm envious.

See suede is one of those materials that will cling to you; and I'm not one for clingers, let along clingy material. 

So, when I was in Sainburys the other day and noticed this beauty taking pride of place on the front of the seasonal trends section I knew I had to grab it. Usually I'm always browsing the home section in Sainsburys - I can't do a food shop without doing so these days. 

However recently the clothing selection in TU has been catching my eye; supermarkets, your definitely on your fashion game!

For a mere £16 I didn't even debate and just purchased. I skipped home without even trying it on! 

Once I'd styled it up with a few items from my wardrobe I knew it was a keeper. I'm actually wearing it back to front in the above (I'm assuming its meant to be the back as there's the label), but I prefer the look of the zip at the front, so I'm rebelling! 

When it comes to how to wear suede, I always think suede looks best against a lighter colour palette; so I'd always opt for either white or cream, or go the opposite end of the spectrum with black for a cool casual chic on the town look! 

Do you have any tips for styling suede? 

Post me your links as I'd love some inspiration for future outfits :)

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  1. £16?! What a bargain! Think I might have to pop into Sainsbury's myself! Looks lovely with the floaty blouse, definitely a great one for the boho trend! x

    Martha Jane |

  2. I love the way you've styled this! I did a piece on suede for my blog but went to the opposite end of the spectrum with clinginess!


  3. I'm obsessed with my suede skirt, I can't believe yours is from Sainsburys its gorgeous!

    Made In The 1990's.

  4. I am heading to sainsburys now! The high street has failed me on suede so far - this could be the answer :)

  5. Love this, the boots really make it! Can't believe it's only Sainsbury's too (I looove their home section haha).

    SinĂ©ad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  6. Lookin sexy bbe, what nickers you wear underneat dat skirt?

  7. Struggling to get that skirt in a size 8 as all the stores in my area only got 2 in my size and sold out very quickly. It is OOS online also :-(

  8. I like how you wore the shirt.

  9. Sainsbury's?! I didn't even know they had a clothes section! I will definitely check it out, this skirt looks great! xx


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