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Monday, July 06, 2015

Technology: Creating A Summer Lookbook With The HP Sprout

So after my last post experimenting with the HP Sprout I got down to work with creating my own summer lookbook

As a blogger, in such a saturated market, I'm constantly looking for new ways to present my blog, and stand out from the crowd, both on a visual and written scale. I love photography (as you can see my posts are always very picture heavy), and I'm really into manipulating images with different design effects, filters etc. 

Another reason why I can't stop posting on Instagram! 

So having the ability to be hands on with physical objects, through scanning them into the desktop and then rotating, layering, cropping as I please; be that with my favourite pair of sunnies, or a swatch from a pair of colourful patterned shorts - I had so much fun being as creative or as simplistic as I wanted to. 

My lookbook collages below consist of both physical scanned in objects, mixed with my own photos from holiday. By having both flat and textured 2D objects, the HP Sprout really lets you bring your designs to life. 

summer lookbook HP Sprout

summer lookbook on the beach
summer ;lookbook floral bold
summer lookbook by the pool

summer lookbook out on excursion
I hope you've enjoyed my posts showcasing the tip top features of the HP Sprout and what it's capable of producing. 

I'm sad to be giving this brilliant piece of tech back, however, am very thankful I was able to test it out first-hand and experience its creative abilities! 

To see what others professionals and bloggers have achieved with Sprout, check out the creator gallery here!

(*This is a collaborative review post, sponsored by HP UK, however all views, opinions and design ideas are my own*)


  1. Oh this is just amazing, all by using the HP sprout? That's fab! I bet playing around with one of those was great for a creative like you :)
    Bee xxx

  2. I think the projector scanner thing is SO AWESOME.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  3. Holy crap - this thing is AWESOME. My graphic designer fiance would probably love to get his hands on something like that! HP isn't my favorite brand for computers (I've had some bad experiences in the past) but this looks pretty awesome overall. :)

    xo Jenn


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