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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Fashion: Can't Resist A Sale Item From New Look

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right up my street

topshop ripped knee jeans
Heeled Open Back Boots - Primark

Yesterday I was on my lunch-break and happened to stumble and directly fall into my local New Look shop while they were having a 25% off sale. 

I only get half an hour's break for lunch and I do surprise myself as to how many purchases I can make it back to the office with; its actually quite embarrassing, I feel all my colleagues must be judging me for having a shopping problem. 

Anyway its either an excuse of; "its my therapy", "I've just been paid", "I'm having a bad week", "I deserve a treat every now and again?", "But its only Monday!" blah blah, I'm sure you can relate to the picture I'm painting. 

This cute crochet vest was a steal from the 25% sale at £13; the sleeveless jacket however wasn't, but don't you always seem to stumble across a non-sale item you must have? Yes exactly! 

New Look always seem to offer the perfect hippie bohemian look and at such affordable prices; it's hard to resist. 

There's only a very small shop in my town with limited selections of their current season, I've just been scrolling through their holiday shop online and they have seriously stepped up their game. I'm a little bit in love with their whole website at the moment. I'm lusting after so many items.

This can only mean one thing. 

Bad news for my bank balance! 



  1. Oh girl! I've been having one of those moments where you pass and shop and say why not. Any excuse to shop!

    Cute look hun x

  2. New Look have got their range and prices down to a tee! They make these looks achievable. I'm the same, except mines an online addiction & they come to my work, haha! You look amazing ❤️ And those primark boots are perfect! I need some!
    Bee xxx

  3. Lol I'm an online junkie, constantly buy things on my phone at work! I went a bit mental in Zara yesterday too though. You got great things
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  4. I always end up finding nothing in the sale I like, but everything in the full price area - just the way it happens! x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  5. Those boots are gorgeous. And no matter what you paid for the sleeveless jacket, I can tell you it was worth it! Looks great on you x

  6. I love this look especially the Sleeveless Jacket <3 New Look is definitely one of my favourite shops!

    Gisforgingers xx


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