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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fashion: Accessorize With Simple Jewellery

Accessorizing an outfit with simple jewellery
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I'll be honest, I don't own a lot of jewellery, its never been a hot topic for me because for some reason, whenever I buy some lovely looking jewellery - I don't seem to wear it, and I end up feeling guilty that my money is better off being spent elsewhere! 

When I'm putting an outfit together; accessorizing with jewellery seems to be the last thing I think about. I'd much prefer to pair with a bold fedora.

However, the few pieces I do have; which usually consists of a few plain and jeweled arm cuffs, some big boho-style stone rings and the odd dream catcher necklace or a sparkly stone hanging loose around my neck I will wear to the death. 

Sometimes I'll have a great picture in my head of how great an outfit is going to look accessorized with one of my favourite jewellery pieces.

Jewellery that normally catches my eye follows closely with the bohemian, hippie style, so when Mala London contacted me and asked me to pick something off their site; I was initially concerned that my up and down relationship with jewellery would get in the way and it would be hard for something to jump out at me. 

However, when I saw this beautiful silver coin anklet, and the range of bold, boho style pieces on offer I knew I needed to give the anklet a chance! 

Anklets are quite few and far and in-between these days, I don't really see them being sold much, but I've always admired those that can seamlessly style up an anklet or toe-ring - the type of look you would see being pulled off by one of those tanned boho chics scattered across Instagram and Pinterest. 

What do you enjoy accessorizing your outfits with? 


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