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Monday, June 08, 2015

Travel: A Weekend In Suffolk With Friends

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Imagine a weekend full of sunshine, countryside, dogs, great food, too much alcohol, over-due catch-ups and too much laughing - what more could you want?
woodbridge river suffolk

river scenic suffolk landscape

dog walking in suffolk

rowing boats river

yellow fields countryside
cute labrador
pastel cottage in suffolk

the unruly pig in woodbridge suffolk

summer pimms with cucumber and strawberry

speedboat on the river

boyfriend on speedboat

drinks with a view

spaniel dog
Last weekend we had a beautiful weekend away staying with friends in Suffolk. 

We headed over to the picturesque area of Woodbridge in Suffolk on the Friday, to stay in our friend's beautiful house for the weekend. It was nestled in the scenic suffolk countryside, a stones throw away from the local river.

The house we stayed at had such a rustic farm-house feel, stone floors, with views across acres of empty land and hardly over-looked with loyal doggles always following close by.

This is my kind of countryside retreat! 

Amongst walking the dogs by the river, stopping off for a beverage at (almost) every pub we saw, we headed into central Woodbridge town for some much needed lunchtime re-fueling.

This is where we were introduced to 'The Unruly Pig', it was a beautiful pub, the sun shining helped shape the summer setting and the grub and cocktails were delicious too!

In true summer style I chose a Summer Pimms; complete with fresh cucumber and strawberry mixed with homemade cocktail syrup - yummy!

The food was incredible, I didn't fancy a full on lunch and felt like picking at lots of side dishes so chose chicken and chorizo croquettes, fries and crispy onion rings.. it was such perfect hangover food! I'm jealous of the people who live near this pub so they can go back for seconds.

After lunch we made a swift bee-line back towards the river.

We were about to experience the speedboat!

I'll admit, I was dubious, on a massive hangover, I was torn between whether being 'on water' or potentially going for quite a 'speedy' ride would help my hangover at all.

However, the experience was amazing, and the fresh air er.. really helped my hangover. To finish the day we docked up the boat on the other side of the river where suitably placed was another pub.

As you can see from my pictures this was definitely a 'drinks with a view' setting.

Hope you enjoyed my photos, Woodbridge in Suffolk is such a lovely part of the countryside to visit!

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1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you had one of the most wonderful weekends! I saw your posts on IG & I was extremely jealous.
    We very nearly did end up having to come to Woodbridge at the end of this month for my husbands racing but decided against it as it was a Sunday and it was pretty far to go.
    It does look gorgeous though 😍
    Bee xxx


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