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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Food & Drink: Traditional Thai Cuisine At Giggling Squid

best thai restaurant in horsham

giggling squid thai horsham

lace blouse hm dinner outfit

crispy spring rolls with shredded mixed vegetables

salt and pepper crispy chicken wings
thai green curry with jasmine rice
tamarind duck giggling squid
tamarind duck with sticky rice

mint and lychee sorbet dessert
chocolate velvet mousse thai dessert
It was time to try out my local thai restaurant in Horsham, Giggling Squid has been on the cards and one of my places-to-dine locally for a while now. I've popped in before with friends, but only for a light meal where I had a salad, so now it was time to sit down for a three course meal! 

Giggling Squid is a fairly new addition to the popular Horsham dining district, known as East Street. Everything is cooked from scratch, and the food on offer features simple, fresh and rustic dishes inspired by the street food of Thailand combined with fresh seafood caught straight from our local Sussex coastline. 

We opted for a bottle of Pinot Grigio to compliment our three course thai feast. 

For starters we had; 

Spring Roll: Crispy spring rolls filled with shredded mixed vegetables with sweet and source dip

Chicken Wings: Crispy salt and peppered chicken wings with sweet and sour dip

Both were amazing, particularly the chicken wings which were deliciously crispy and coated with salt and pepper, which gave a perfect crunchy finish. 

For mains we had; 

Thai Green Curry: Old favourite of "farang" (foreigner) travelling Thailand. Available in chicken, prawn or vegetable.

Tamarind Duck: A sweet and sour tamarind sauce makes a perfect complement to rich duck. Served on griddle hot plate.

I'm a huge lover of duck, whenever I have chinese or thai cuisine, the temptation is too large! It was added bonus that they cook and leave on the skin (if you so wish) and the sweet and sour tamarind sauce was such a perfect balance between tangy and sweet, without being too overpowering with already rich flavours from the duck meat.  

And finally; I've always room to squeeze in a dessert; I was so full, but the idea of mint and lychee sorbet sounded so refreshing and full of potential, I had to give it a try. 

Mint and Lychee Sorbet

Chocolate Feuillantine: Chocolate mousse with velvety chocolate coating.

I wasn't disappointed! The sorbet tasted like a mojito without the alcohol... just wow! It melted in my mouth and instantly refreshed my palette and I lost that full-feeling. I even tucked into Alex's chocolate feuilantine which was the perfect mix of smooth, velvet mousse with a crispy chocolate coating. A scoop of the mint and lychee sorbet would have been a great aside to this mousse. 



  1. Everything here looks amazing! Those mini spring rolls look particularly appealing! xx

    1. Thanks Grace, the spring rolls were so good! Do you have a giggling squid close by to you? xo

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