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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Faded Denim & Lace Blouse | rightupmystreet

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faded denim and lace blouse

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Lace Blouse - HM
High Waisted Denim Shorts - Topshop
Nautical Sliders - Primark
Belt - Primark

In this newest post I'm wearing my new favourite lace blouse. 

Recently I seem to be filling my wardrobe with all things bohemian, lace, crochet, fringing, frocking or off the shoulder.

My nearest HM has just undergone a major makeover, and its been thoroughly modernised, so now, its as up-to date as all of the other stores across the country. Its finally fun to shop there again!

Alex keeps saying my wardrobe is starting to look like Jenny’s from Forest Gump.

This blouse is light and airy; perfect for those summer months. The woven-breathable fabric features an embroidered mesh which makes this a statement piece!

With long floaty arms and tie-up ribbon cuffs I’m tempted to run around and flap my arms about; just because I can. 

(On second thoughts, maybe I won't embarrass myself)

Things are definitely tough.. I’m even contemplating an online order at HM as I’m lusting over so many pieces I haven’t seen in store. I tend to avoid this like the plague as I've heard a lot of bad reviews when it comes to specifically shopping online at H&M… as delivery can take up to 3 weeks? Please someone tell me this is a myth!

What’s your experience with shopping online at H&M? I’d love to find out!

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  1. I love this blouse, I almost bought it myself but was way too big on me and they didn't have a smaller size. I've never shopped online from h&m as I find their sizing to be a bit all over the place so I like to try things on but I've heard bad things about delivery times too, my friend was once waiting almost a month for her order to arrive :) xx

  2. omg when I ordered something in Oct it took WEEKS, possibly MONTHS! I love this top so romantic. I love these shorts I'm going to have a look on Topshop now, if you have the exact link tweet me. I just love the fit, some shorts are short! haha miss you, hope everything is going well x

  3. I love gorgeous floaty blouses - just perfect for all occasions! H&M delivery is pretty awful, try ordering in store? xx

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  4. I have to say H&M delivery aint the best. I bought a few bits last Tuesday & they only arrived today (the following Monday) the annoying thing is you can't pay a little extra for next day delivery, grrrr!
    I love this look! Go flap your arms about, I did ;)
    Bee xxx

  5. Love this outfit! Floaty blouses are so cool and effortless especially for summer.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  6. I love that top, Becky. It's so, so pretty x


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