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Friday, May 22, 2015

10 Things I'm Loving This Week #1 | rightupmystreet

fresh flowers home decor

1. Fresh flowers

This week Alex bought me home these beautiful flowers as he knew my old tulips needed a freshen up. Since moving house I've been scattering fresh (and fake) flowers all around the house, I'm obsessed! Especially yellow and white tones; they really brighten up any home ready for the summer!

A fresh manicure shellac extensions
2. A fresh manicure

A few weeks back I finally used my birthday nails voucher from my parents (my birthday was over 6 months ago!), I'm really not very girly when it comes to beauty and makeup, I'm pretty clueless, and have never used a nail-file ha.. so had to seek my sisters advice for what to get done. I thought I'd go all out for once, and decided on gel extensions with a shellac finish. The colour I chose was called 'mint convertible'. 

Having extensions at first took a little getting used to, I was paranoid I was going to break them by putting on my socks or even pulling my jeans but they were absolutely fine; I'll admit it was a great excuse at first for avoiding the washing up, but eventually Alex cottoned on.. 
And 3 weeks later here I am, going back today for my infill's, with no chips at all; pretty impressive! Only issue will be the upkeep every 3 weeks and the toll it will take on my bank balance. For now I'm going to see how it goes and try out a few more colours until I get bored :)

new bedding home

3. New bedding

I bought these cushions covers and their infill's from IKEA in Croydon last week. I wanted some big pillows to place at the back of our pillows, more for show during the day when the bed is made so it looks pretty and super squish. 

denim dress trend summer
4. Denim dresses

Denim dresses, denim skirts and double denim are all on trend this season. Personally, I'm loving denim dresses and pinafores, especially this Anita & Green dress sent to me from Brand Attic this week, looking forward to styling this up in a fashion post soon!

alska swedish cider
5. Alska swedish cider

This week I've been trying out these new Alska swedish ciders available in Aldi. Last night I had the nordic berries flavour, which was definitely my favourite. It tastes very similar to kopperberg and rekordalig berry cider flavours, however, Alska cider is gluten free which is definitely an added bonus! I definitely didn't get that horrible bloated feeling after having a bottle. Looking forward to trying to other flavours! 

HPsprout by HP collaboration

6. My HPsprout

I'm currently collaborating with HP and trialling out their new HPSprout computer for the next couple of months. It features an inbuilt scanner and is definitely the bees knees for any creative savvy! I'll have some posts coming soon talking about my thoughts on the tech and a creative fashion project I'll be putting together with the design software. 

homemade lemonade kit by sophie conran
7. Make your own lemonade kit

I was recently looking to get my hands on a big ice-bucket for the coming summer months; perfect for bbq's and drinks with friends. I came across this huge one in TKmaxx, for only £10, complete with homeade lemonade kit by Sophie Conran. It comes complete with 4 x vintage glass jars, stripey straws, funnel and filter, plus some recipes to get you started. I'm looking forward to trying the homemade elderflower fizz!

say it with brownies package thank you
8. Special thank-you's!

The other day I received a special delivery at work, a 'Say it with brownies' package it was completely unexpected and I had no idea as to who would be saying thank you. Turns out it was from someone I had given some blog advice to at work; a friend of my bosses. Unexpected gifts are the best, especially when they are a tray of freshly baked brownies. Such a great idea if your wanting to send someone a little edible gift! 

sushi and naked superfood smoothie
9. Sushi and NAKED superfood smoothies

Last week was the first time I had EVER tried Sushi. Can you believe it? No me neither!
For some reason I had it in my head that sushi was made up completely of fish and was just a complete fishy mess.
 (I apologise for how wrong that sounds!) 

Don't get me wrong I like most fish; I'm just not keen on the overly smelly stuff! Oh boy was I wrong, that stuff is great; seaweed, rice, tuna, smoked salmon, cucumber, you name it; its now a staple to my weekly diet. 
Also NAKED superfood smoothies - these are just amazing, plus there even packed with 74 blueberries - insane! 

pineapple home decor
10. Pineapple home decor

Last of all, I bought this amazing pineapple ornament from TKmaxx for £6.99. There was one left on the shelf! I've gone pineapple crazy and suddenly want to stock my house out with all things pineapple shaped and coloured. 
I'll never understand the fruit hype (pineapple, watermelons) in home decor and fashion, but whoever did it; its pure genius because we are all clearly going mad for it. 


I really enjoyed writing this 'things I'm loving this week' post and I'm going to try and keep up by writing one every week. 

What have you been loving this week?

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  1. I love everything you posted! I've always wanted to make my own lemonade, so let me know how it goes! =)

    Tarnya //

    1. I will do Tarnya! Hopefully have a post up at some point :) xo

  2. I've started buying flowers every Friday night on the way home, it's such nice way of brightening the house

    1. Lush! What flowers do you normally buy? I love tulips, but they never last very long! xo

  3. New bedding and fresh flowers are so perfect <3

  4. I love the naked smoothies they are sooo good! Ive also went pineapple mad Primark have a great duvet set that has pineapples all over it had to have it!

  5. Sushi is my favourite meal! It's so delicious and it never makes me feel bloated either :) x

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