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Friday, April 17, 2015

Home Interiors: Sneak Peek Into My New Home!

Green placemats - Wilkinsons (£7 for a set of 4)
Tulips - Sainsburys
Brown Shimmer Rug - Next (£80)

Corner Sofa with Pillows - Oak Furniture Land
Cream throw - Ikea
Wooden Coffee Table - Cargo 
Rug - Next
Cream Jug - Sainsburys

Round extending dining table - Oak furniture land
Cream fabric scrollback chairs - Oak furniture land
White table runner - Wilkinsons
Orchid - Sainsburys
Candles - Ikea
Candle Tray - Ikea

Green patterned cushions x 3 - C/O of Clarke and Clarke
Pink cushion - Primark
White cotton duvet cover and pillows - Marks and spencers
Honeycombe bed throw - House of fraser

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of my new home!

I'm completely in love and feeling so over-the-moon about it all. 
Me and Alex, nearly a month ago, moved into our first home together, and it's so so perfect. 
Having a mortgage is a big step, and buying a house was a very stressful process, but its all been worth it now we're here, enjoying it in all its glory! 

I've detailed under each photo where some of the items featured are from, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised that a lot of these items won't break the bank.. at all!

So far we've made most of our home decorative purchases through a mix of high street shops which I'm constantly trawling through, these shops include; marks and spencers, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Wilko's, Sainsbury's, Oak Furniture Land, Cargo, TKmaxx, Next, and Ikea.

I've been pretty bowled over by the home sections in both wilko's and sainsburys which literally have me going back for more every-time.. never thought I'd say that, but they really do have some really lovely home decorative bits and accessories. 

Not to mention I buy my weekly supply of tulips from there, and all the orchids which feature in my home are from there too :)

Do let me know if there are any other home bits you'd like me to post about, more home-ware posts? Advise and tips on buying a home etc?

Filling up my home is my new favourite thing!



  1. Such a beautiful home. My boyfriend and I have sold our old Victorian terraced house and are moving into a new build so its a totally different direction for us when it comes to interior design so I'm loving the inspiration from this post. Hope you're both very happy in your new home together, it looks perfect.

    Dominique x

    1. Thanks Dominique, such kind words! I've seen your house on your blog, its utterly stunning, one day I'd love to have a victorian style house, they have such high ceilings! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts :) xo

  2. I don't think I would EVER move from that sofa if it was in my house...what a beauty! Cannot believe the majority of this stuff is from high street stores either, it looks like a screen shot from Pinterest. I'm in love. Thank you for sharing, seeeeriously aiming for a home like this myself!


    1. Thanks so much Katie, don't tell me my home looks like pinterest, it will go to my head?! Ha. I'm far from that, its amazing what you can find on the high-street, so many steals. You'll have so much fun decorating your own home :) xo

  3. what a gorgeous home! ... Love the decor and that couch is amazing... :)

  4. You have a beautiful home, I love the white walls. I've painted my house white too, I feel it looks so much better x

  5. Gorgeous home! I adore Wikinsons for home stuff, they've also got a fab beauty and stationary section too :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

    1. I've found so many bits in Wilko's! Really great store! xo

  6. It all looks so lovely, oh goodness I need a sofa that large in my life!

    Louise x

  7. Wow your house is gorgeous! <3 I can't wait to have one of my own one say!! :) Gisforgingers xx

  8. Your house is lovely, enjoy it chick

  9. WOW! I must say... your home feels exactly how a home should be -- pleasantly comfortable and cozy. I love looking at home style ideas because I also dream of having my own space someday. Totally enjoyed taking a peek inside your home, thanks for the tour! xo.

    Much love,
    Sugar | Sugary Fancies, Life and Style Blog

  10. Congratulations! Your home is beautiful! My fiance and I move into our first home next month and I can't wait to fill it with lovely furnishings, I love homeware :D

    Tarnya //

    1. Thanks Tarnya, Congratulations - you'll have so much fun filling it :) xo

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  12. Wow! Your place looks heavenly. It's simple, but gorgeous. The decorations on your wall captivated me, from the paintings to the mini anchor and life saver. Plus, your yard is so neat and homey. I'm sure the air in there is so relaxing. In any way, thanks for giving us a tour of your lovely abode, Rebecca! All the best to you!

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions

  13. Love love love the interior decor of your home! That L shaped sofa looks absolutely comfy.

    Would love to read your tips and tricks on how to clean the carpets and sofa and if you use any eco-friendly products to do so?

    Jayden Tan -


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