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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Food & Drink: Vibrant Food at Rocket, Holborn

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Looking for some vibrant cuisine and cocktails in the city?

A few weekends back I visited the vibrant Rocket, Holborn restaurant situated in the mid-town area of holborn a couple of minutes walk from Holborn tube station.

The restaurant was surprisingly quiet when we got there for a friday night, however, there were plenty of city dwellers lapping up the 2 for 1 cocktails by the bar!

A quirky bar and restaurant, complete with private dining areas; its the perfect setup for a variety of occasions, be that after work drinks, a cosy sit down meal for two or a private dining party.

As soon as I arrived, I was ready for a drink! The cocktail list looked very appealing and was full of delightful concoctions. Our waiter for the night, Daniel, was always readily on hand to provide us with food and drink suggestions.

Alex took the signature cocktail suggestion of ‘Preserving The Southern Gardens’ priced at £9.50, this included southern comfort, pineapple syrup & lemon juice, topped with ginger beer & mint leaves. This was by far my favourite, poor Alex has to share all his choices with me so I can report back on them too! The ginger beer really was the winning ingredient in this mix.

couldn't leave without trying a porn-star martini (£9) (one of my favourite cocktails).
I've developed an obsession to try one most places that offer them, just so I can judge who can make the best, this was definitely at the top end of my list, creamy vanilla and passion-fruit, you can’t go wrong.

For starters, Alex opted for the Buffalo Mozzarella (£6.90) which was drizzled in pesto, tomato and balsamic salsa and accompanied by toasted artisan bread. I for one am allergic to pesto, so avoid it like the plague, but even I couldn't help but adorn this dish and the vibrant mix of colours presented on the plate in front of us! 

On the other hand, I’m a huge lover of buffalo mozzarella which looked very creamy and fresh, I was desperate to try. So as you can imagine I was torn, two things I love and loathe on the same plate -  but Alex loved the dish!

To start, I stayed simple and went for a mix of artisan breads, the selection can paired with hot spicy salsa and the simple accompaniments of olive oil and a tangy balsamic vinegar which is a Greek lover’s combination you really can’t fault!

It was then time for a second cocktail, I thought I’d go light and fizzy next. Daniel suggested I go for the Grey Goose Fizz (£9.50) which as the name suggests, is a champagne and vodka cocktail - I didn't need much persuasion, the top class ingredients sounded spot on to me.

I was keen to try one of the famous rocket stone-baked pizzas for mains, I went for simple and full of flavour. The prosciutto and rocket, dressed with fresh cherry tomatoes and of course I asked to add on a healthy dashing of buffalo mozzarella to make up for missing out on the starter.

Alex went for the signature dish of chilli and ginger marinated salmon fillet, drizzled in soy sauce. Again the colour combination was a Instagram dream! I do cringe for saying this, but I admit I really do appreciate a good picture moment when I see one. 

We also had some zucchini tempura as an aside to our meal, crispy and light. The pizza was huge and I had to admit defeat near the end and let Alex finish off the remains. After all, I couldn't leave without squeezing in a pudding!

To finish we decided to be sensible and share, an Affogato - the classic ensemble of vanilla ice-cream, espresso coffee, amaretto shot and biscuits. I think I needed this after the long day of travelling and lugging around bags.

We had a fab evening, with great service all night, not too much and not too little attention was paid, which proved the perfect balance.

Head on over for food, cocktails, or both, you won’t be disappointed!
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  1. The stone baked pizza looks incredible it is making me starving right now, and I can never say no to beautiful cocktails haha xx


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