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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Dreaming of a new place to call my own...

home decor items collage

You may or may not know, I am this close to exchanging contracts on my first house. 

My very own home, under my name, wow, its all quite surreal! 

It's been a super long & stressful process, so far, but we are finally close, owning a house is within our grasp and its all starting to become a reality rather than just a distant dreamy scenario. 

Me & Alex have been together for nearly 5 and a half years, we met at the beginning of uni and have been inseparable ever since. Cue cheesy grin! 

A couple of years ago we shared our own flat, however under rented accommodation and lived together for about 9 months while Alex was completing his 3rd year at uni after a placement in industry, & I was working a full-time job down in Portsmouth, while I figured out my career path. We had the most fantastic time and experienced our first slice of living together adulthood, buying decorative items, cooking dinner, snuggling down to film nights and all that jazz. 

Now about two years on, were about to start the wonderful moving in process all over again, but this time we will be buying our own furniture, this time we'll be finding our feet firmly on the property ladder & will actually be making an investment from the money we are putting into the house. No wasted pennies!

I can't wait to confirm all and tell you more about our gorgeous new home. 

Since we've been looking for the past 7 months or so, all I do is look look and look. I'm home obsessed! I've gathered up such a huge mental inspiration bank of home decor ideas ready to put into action in my own little place I can call home, eeeeep!!

I've put together a little collage above of a bunch of items I'll be looking to purchase (hopefully!). Think vintage storage trunks, wicker baskets, glass table lamps, snug knit blankets, cushions galore, vintage inspired collectibles and so much more!

I've featured home-ware items from these various places below; 

Vintage suitcase trunks - Oliver Bonas (£30)
Glass cups (set of two) - House of Fraser (£9.89)
Stag head bookends - Dunelm-Mill (£19.99)
Candle - HM (£1.99)
Fake flowers - Amazon
Glass table lamp - (I found a affordable alternative in Homebase lighting section for £30 a lamp)
Alarm clock - Walmart (I bought an identical vintage one from Sainsbury's home - its super cute!)

Ps. They'll be many more of these posts to come! I'm thinking of doing a inspiration home decor post for each room in the house, so living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc.. 


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  1. Congratulations on your first home!! Sooo happy for you xxx


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