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Friday, March 27, 2015

Bluestone National Park Review: Day 2 - Exploring Tenby! | rightupmystreet

Exploring Tenby for the day!

On our second day staying at Bluestone National Park, we decided to visit the much talked about, seaside town of Tenby. It was about a thirty minute drive from Bluestones resort, which featured lots of scenic country roads. 
We had picked the best day in terms of weather,  the sun was beaming on our shoulders again!
Tenby town was rich with pastel coloured houses, all sat snug together along the coastal path.
We enjoyed exploring the utterly quaint town; I can only dream to own a house by the seaside one day.
If its pastel coloured too, thats a massive bonus!

tenby town pastel houses beach
tenby town tide out wales
visiting tenby in wales

The Beach

The beach was frankly, quite breathtaking.
 I had to pinch myself that I was in Wales when adorning the crisp golden sands and deep blue sea.
Again the coastal path was littered with rows of pastel coloured buildings and hotels overlooking the water's edge. It was so lovely to see Tenby beach in all its glory with the sun-shining.
I can imagine this place is packed to the brim in summer.

Major plus point - we parked overlooking the beach (a fantastic view) and it only cost us £2 for four hours, now that is cheap. I think the prices go up slightly during the summer months, understandably, but I think only to about £1 an hour.
Me and Alex also stopped for some posey couple pictures too, with such a beautiful backdrop we couldn't not!

visiting tenby beach pembrokeshire
couple beach tenby wales
best British beaches tenby wales
holding hands beach
couples beach to wales at bluestone national park
pastel coloured buildings tenby

To end the day...

Walking on the beach and enjoying the sunshine can be tiring stuff! (Ha!). 
All the more reason to stop for a well-deserved drink by the seaside.
There was a lovely little cafe on Tenby beach called South Beach Bar Grill, definitely worth a visit.
We jumped at the chance to sit outside, Alex grabbed a beer and myself a mojito, why the hell not!
Sitting there, mojito in hand, snacking on kracklecorn, I felt like I was abroad. 

drink by seaside tenby
kracklecorn popcorn snack
mojito cocktails by tenby beach
Hope you enjoyed Day 2 of my stay at bluestone national park and visiting the nearby coastal town of Tenby. 

Day 3 will feature more of the bluestone resort. 

Have a lovely weekend!


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  1. It's beautiful. Such a wonderful place and you also had a great weather, how nice.

  2. It looks so lovely here! Definitely perfect for mojitos!

    Bethan Likes


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