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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentines Gift Guide!

valentines gift guide blogger
love trail pillow cases valentines gift
Fox Cushion - Sass&Belle (*)
typography of love photoframe toxicfox
Red & White Photoframes - Both PaperChase
Home Sign - Primark

TOL customised cocktail glass frame
heart fairy lights home decor
sainsburys home gifts valentines
Candles - Sainsburys Home
Heart Box Crate - Sainsburys Home
Candle Holder - Sainsburys Home
Vintage Style Jar - Sainsburys Home
vintage gifts at sainsburys home
valentines gift guide 2015
Scrunchies - New Look @ ASOS
Girl Online Book by Zoe Sugg
Ghost Perfume - Boots / Superdrug
olivia burton big dial watch green
Heart Ring - Pandora 

Valentines is fast approaching, time to grab your gifts and grab your loved ones. 
Bearing in mind, Valentines these days is generally just a day to celebrate love with BF's, family, friends and BFF's - whoever you fancy, there are no rules. 

It can turn into quite a over-hyped fiasco, overpriced products and so much lovely dovey items bursting out of the shops its enough to send any singletons to the nearest sick bucket..  

I don't mind valentines day, I do think its turned into most seasonal holidays (a marketers dream) by all means I'll buy a card and a little cute gift just because my boyfriend deserves the appreciation, but lets not forget that our loved ones deserve the appreciation every single day of the week! 

I've mainly put together a little gift guide aimed at you ladies(bias I know)!

One item that could be male-friendly.. are these gorgeous couples love trail pillow cases which are £16.99 a pair. There are lots of cute designs to choose from and they have been made with quality fabric by human touch - seriously soft on the face! I've enjoyed making Alex sleep on the right hand side of the bed so we can match the pillow cases (of course hes chasing me - ha!)

I also got sent this amazing Typography of Love cocktail glass frame from ToxicFox, you can choose from a range of designs for the typography palette e.g. hearts.
It can be customised with your own choice of 10 words, which I think could be a great gift from boyfriend to girlfriend. As this was just gifted to myself I decided to base the typography around my own loves and interests, but the world is your oyster with what you decide to choose which I think adds to the fun of it as its a completely personalised gift.  

You can also choose the design in a range of colours and select either from a white or black gloss frame. This would prove fab wall-art for any home decor fanatic!

I hope you like the gifts I've picked out, all those available online I've provided links for so you can still make a last minute purchase! 
Happy valentines all!


  1. Amazing ideas! These gorgeous pillow cases are my favorite :)

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration |

  2. Oh some fantastic pressies - I didn't think much could top the pillowcases but the watch <3
    M x

  3. Super super cute! I love the pillow cases, they are adorable x

    Hayley-Eszti |

  4. I really want a typography of love frame they are just simply gorgeous xx

  5. I love that big long 'love trail' pillow case- so cute x
    Laura | A Life With Frills


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