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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Food: Breakfast at Stane Street Syndicate, Clapham, London

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On Sunday morning, the sun was shining and me and Alex were set to head into London for a day of relaxing and eating (food blogging for me) pretty much. Our first stop was set to be the Ruby Jean's Diner at the Stane Street Syndicate which is located a stones throw away from Clapham Common tube station. 

We got off at Clapham Junction and decided to walk our way over to Clapham Common, this was a lot further than I expected (probably about 25 minutes walking at a quick pace), however, the sun had his little hat on and was trying his best to make an appearance.. so it proved a fresh morning walk past the stretch of the Common. 

By the time we arrived we were ravenous, having patiently waited out before eating anything, to fill our stomachs there and then.. no pressure for the Stane Street Syndicate!

We both opted for the traditional breakfast at the fairly high end price of £8.50.. retrospectively in relation to London as a whole, this is a fairly reasonable price for breakfast. You can see the breakfast menu here.

This included; Cherry Orchard Pork Sausage, Smoked Bacon, Black Pudding, Fried Eggs, Beans. Bubble & Squeak, Baked Tomato, Grilled Mushroom & Toast with butter. 

For some reason we were missing black pudding off our breakfasts, not that I minded as I detest the stuff anyway.. just thought they may have indicated. The sausage and bacon were my favourite, tastefully seasoned and the peppered eggs were a great addition - just how I like mine to be served! 

I'd probably say this breakfast was the equivalent to a premium end weather-spoons, don't take that in the wrong way because I love a weatherspoons breakfast! They used fresh ingredients and the layout of the syndicate had a quirky pub-feel to it, with retro settings areas and a state of the art pinball machine! 

The breakfast was very enjoyable and definitely filled a hole. We had a great spot sitting by the window, people watching for about two hours and fascinated by the world and the people who fill it. The atmosphere was very quiet for a Sunday midday, it was very peaceful and didn't feel like we were in London at all. They had big screens all over the place showing the football and rugby matches. 

Id say it's a great little spot to stop if your passing, as its literally over the road from the tube and perfectly positioned if you fancy a quick bite to eat before hopping on the tube to your next travel destination. 

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