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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Days Turn to Nights.

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oversized pink coat next
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when your days turn to nights
boohoo boots
pink pastel oversized coat

Oversized Pastel Pink Coat - NEXT Sale (£30)

High Neck Top - New Look

Jeans - Topshop

Knee-high Riding Boots - Boohoo


You've probably noticed I've been a bit absent from the blog recently. Or maybe you haven’t, I'll let you off, after all I don’t expect you to be tracking my every move. 

I was all geared up to have a really productive Christmas with lots of blogging posts and trips out to take photos, but that really didn't happen.

I’m not in a place right now where I feel I want to share with you what's currently going on, or anyone for that matter. But maybe soon, I’ll find myself channeling my personal emotions through this blog; depends if this blog turns into a personal outlet for me, rather than just light-hearted content, I haven't really thought about what approach I may take.

For now, I’ll just be posting where I can. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging, I love showing you my latest purchases, and shopping is definitely a great therapy for me. But some days the last thing I want to do is get out of bed, get dressed and stand outside taking photos, pretending everything is fine. But this is just me, I know everyone actively voices their opinions on blogging routine and how some think it shouldn't be a chore if its something you love.. etc. 

But sometimes a pause in life is just necessary, and even the things you love have to be put on hold so you can channel the focus elsewhere. Its important to remember that routines are personal and they differ from person to person.

Sorry if I'm coming across as bitter, I guess right now I'm just in a head space where life is making me feel bitter.

Serious shit aside,

I did find one day after Christmas where I sheepishly followed Alex into the sales. It was the first Saturday after Christmas, and it was infact the first time I've even considered venturing out into the chaotic shopping centres that close to the holidays.

I wasn't infact looking for anything, just browsing, however, with me these type of trips always seem to turn into the most lethal of spending trips! Nothing too extreme to report, only that I picked up this beautiful pastel pink coat in the Next sale for a mere £30! Now, I do own a lot coats, and I’m actively attempting to clear out my collection, I promise! 

However, the perfect pastel coloured coat has been on my radar since the beginning of their high-street stardom, with the seasons changing I kind of just thought I’d end up getting one next year when I was bored of my current coat collection.. but with one left in my size, featuring an oversized fit and this gorgeous pastel pink hue, I couldn't resist. I paired with my new knee-high riding boots which I got for Christmas from Boohoo.

Have you picked up any great bargains in the sales so far?



  1. I adore that coat and can't believe you got it for £30 what an amazing price! Looks fab on you xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. I did indeed notice your absence chick, hope everything is ok. Completely ok to take a break from blogging when other things are going on, people that say otherwise are idiots. Oh and love the coat, bargain!

    1. Yes, I'm getting by. Sometimes blogging is a distraction for me, sometimes it gets in the way, completely depends on my mood and whats going on. Ha. The coat is lush, I'm glad you like. Hope your good :) x

  3. Take aslong as you need and do let me know if there's anything I can do. I wish I went to the next sale! And those boots are just fabulous. Thinking of you xxxx

    1. Thank you darling. Know I can always count on you for a little chat if need be. xxx


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