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The Vintage Patterned Jumpsuit

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hm jumpsuit
chunky black heels new look
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long sleeve jumpsuit
vintage style jumpsuit

Vintage Jumpsuit

Vintage Patterned Jumpsuit - HM

Chunky Heels - New Look (*)


HM have always been a favourite high-street store of mine.


Online shopping with H&M is like being back in the middle ages, they seem to be pretty lost on the modern tech front, social savvy front. Delivery would take about a century, and the closest store to me is Crawley, and frankly its normally a pile of poo! 

However, I recently stumbled across this design of joy and fell in love with my local store all over again. 

As soon as I saw the top half, with an oversized cross-over long sleeve blouse complete with dotty patterned loose trousers on the bottom half - I was smitten. You'll know by now, baggy fit with gathered waist suits me just right! 

I love the top half of this HM jumpsuit so much, I really wish they did it in a separate blouse design too, I would buy it again, just to have separately. Anybody know if they do? 

I also like the vintage feel to this jumpsuit, creating a modern twist on old school patterns - I love it. 



  1. I think this is my favourite ootd by far, such a gorgeous jumpsuit!

    Courtney x

    1. Thanks so much Courtney, I was pretty impressed when I found this jumpsuit, love it so much! x

  2. Absolutely love this jumpsuit, so quirky and unique and looks perfect on you. :)

  3. Did I see this on Instagram? I think so. It is just gorgeous!!
    I know what you mean about H&M online though, could do better.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Indeed you did! I couldn't resist posting a sneak peek before hand. I know, I wonder if the delivery will ever be faster than 2 weeks.. lol. Shame! x

  4. We were the same, but there have been a few new big built recently which are really good. Love the print on the top


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