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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Makin' a Statement

statement necklace
statement outfit fashion
Making a statement
new look lime green croc shopper
high neck tunic asos

Statement Accessories

Chunky Statement Necklace - Topshop

Skinny Jeans - Topshop

Today's all about a black outfit featuring some statement accessories.. 

Firstly I bought this high neck tunic in my latest haul from Asos, it's a bit different my usual high neck top as this is a more classic 'I'm going out on the town look'. Paired with my bold, chunky gold statement necklace from Topshop and my beautiful chunky white soles I'm in statement heaven! 

To top it off, and splice up some further contrast I've featured my lime green croc shopper from New Look, I got this shopper for my birthday and I'm in love with its unusual colour and it's animal print texture.

I just need to address the fact I can't stand portrait photos on my blog at the moment but I'm not sure how else to address the problem as photographing landscape chops off the bottom half of my outfit and I can't seem to find any daylight to head outside..
I hope this doesn't bug you like it does me - I can't stand empty white space.. what can I say I'm a perfectionist! 

Now I'm off to browse ASOS, and before you say it, no its not for me, its my Access All Asos secret santa present. How exciting!
 I wonder who has me :)


  1. i love this outfit and would wear this for a night out over Christmas, you have me excited to shop for a xmas outfit. aw i really like these new pics and background :)

  2. Love the high neck tunic!

  3. I love this look - so simple yet so bold!

    Sophie x |

  4. You look amazing, despite it being all black it definitely isn't boring, it's such a statement xxx


  5. ah love this outfit! your top is so nice!


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