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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Faux Fur

river island fedora
faux fur collar asos
faux fur collar
faux fur scarf
faux fur red stripe asos
chunky chelsea boots

Faux fur Collar

Skinny Jeans - Topshop

Faux fur collars, coats, scarfs, its all the rage at the moment. 
With a chill upon us, it's pretty much certain were all running to our nearest high-street store to get our latest fur fix.

Its time to invest, fur is this season's instant glamour hit and it's certain nothing is going to keep you warmer! With this outfit I've kept my colour palette fairly monochrome, which proves the perfect backdrop for my bold orange striped faux fur collar.
It's a shame this piece is currently out of stock on the ASOS website, let's hope they stock back up soon - so you guys can get your hands on it!  

As soon as I saw these statement collars making their way onto the scene, I knew I had to have one. It's just a tough job picking your favourite when there are so many out there to choose from. 

ASOS have a pretty lustful collection, with my other favourite being this Fur Grid Collar, (which is in stock btw!) with other online fashion retailers like Missguided featuring a pretty tasteful collection also, this grey fur collar being my fave, and a little less pricer than the ASOS one.

Next on my fur grab list is a shaggy fur gillet, I know, I'm surprised I don't own one yet either!


  1. Gorgeous look, perfect for this time of year :)

    Camille xo

  2. Love that scarf! The red stripe makes it stand out from others I've seen :)

    Louise /

  3. This is such a gorgeous outfit, and you pull off the hat so well! I really want a shaggy gillet too : )


  4. I am so jealous that you got your mitts on this fur scarf, I abso love it and you seriously rock it! x

    1. Thanks! I'm so jealous of you miss, you'll be surrounded by these beauties on a daily basis! xo

  5. the fur collar completes this outfits, you really should become a professional asos shopper - u find the best stuff.

    1. Oh missy, don't you know that would be my perfect job. One can only dream ! xo.

  6. El falso collar de hurón sin duda realza el look, me ha gustado la combinación, kisses


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