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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Roadtrip to Elounda Bay, Crete.

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Pom Pom Playsuit - ASOS
Sunglasses - Rayban
Bikini - Oasis
Lace Maxi Cardigan - FDAvenue (*)
Flip Flops - iPanema (*)

Looking back and remembering this beautiful view from Elounda Bay... 
While I sit here tucked up in bed, hearing the rain thrashing against my window, and my fingers thrashing against the keyboard typing this post, I realise I was in a much better place sitting on those rocks, so blissfully unaware of everything, so isolated from technology and the buzz of reality. 

As you can see, I nabbed myself a wonderful little spot on the rocks overlooking the bay in Elounda, Crete. I had a little dabble in the sea, which was surprisingly nice and warm for the time of year (bearing in mind we headed to Crete end of October).

I wore this pom pom playsuit from Asos for the majority of the holiday. I love how it just hung off me and was very flattering - I know it doesn't do me any justice here at all, I look like a bit of a lump in the sea.. (I'm happy to admit that ha!) I just couldn't resist the setting of these outfit photos and how well the image backdrops turned out. Makes a welcome change from my everyday outfit posts in my back garden - I'm sure you'll agree! 

On our last few days, on a whim, we decided to rent a car for the day (a convertible in fact) which only cost us 80 euros, we thought this was a right bargain! 
This is what took us to the beautiful marina town of Elounda. 

Its on the east side of Crete, it's meant to be where all the rich people flock. So we felt a bit dreamy turning up in our convertible pretending we were famous (Paaaah, not). However, I'm going to bring you a separate post with details all about our roadtrip and the exciting places we visited. 

Oh sigh, how I wish we could go back.  

Can't believe its 3 weeks today since we arrived, how time flies.

Enough dreaming. 



  1. It looks loveky chick, I really love your Playsuit too. Makes me want to go on holiday, we're going up north next week it'll be hats and scarfs weather though

  2. Love your lace cardigan, these holiday picks are given me the winter blues haha

  3. gorgeous outfit, we love the lace cardigan, it's gorgeous!! We're looking forward to enjoying the beach soon with summer coming up in Australia!!

    M + K


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