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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cheeseburgers & Cocktails, The Diner, Covent Garden.

The Diner
Covent Garden
190 Shaftesbury Avenue

I got the chance to test out another burger joint on the London food map, adding to the many american style burger eateries already in London. Due to the variety already on offer, there was a bar set and I expected it to deliver. 
Here is my experience and my thoughts!

london food blogger
Me enjoying my 'Arnold Palmer' Hard Tea Cocktail. 
the diner covent garden menu
the diner food menu
Checking out the variety of food on offer at The Diner, Covent Garden. 
the diner covent garden
The grungy style american burger joint with swivel chairs and booths.
kraken berry cooler the diner
Kraken Berry Cooler £8.00
Kraken Rum, Super Berry Tea, Lime
the diner sides
fries 3.00
onion rings 3.40
cheeseburgers the diner covent garden
Californian Burger 8.00
6 oz hamburger topped with monterey jack cheese & guacamole
burger joints in london
Cheese Burger 7.50
6 oz hamburger, choose from monterey jack, swiss cheese,
blue cheese or us cheese slice
places to eat in london
the arnold palmer hard tea cocktail
The Arnold Palmer £8.00
Bathtub Gin, Diner Iced Tea, House Lemonade. 
hard tea cocktails london

Vibe: 7.5/10
Music: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Drinks: 7/10

On a par with similar casual burger diners such as GBK and Bryon Burger, the burger choice was plentiful, I asked for medium rare but it was probably more medium-well so I think this affected the juiciness of mine! Toppings were in abundance and all very fresh, and the bun was shiny and soft. Just how I like mine!

We ordered some sides to start (fries and onion rings) both sides wern't anything too different from any other I'd tasted before, I was kind of hoping the onion rings would be hand-battered like that on offer at Byron Burger, but none the less, tasty!

The music on offer was amazing, me and Alex both loved the old american style vibe. Service was pretty average, however may have been bad timing as the girl who was serving us went on her break soon after introducing herself, from what we experienced she was very pleasant, however, when she left we found ourselves seeking out someone to replenish our drinks. 

I tried the new hard-tea cocktails on offer which featured a blend of various full leaf teas mixed with alcohol. This was a new feature for the summer menu, the cocktails were really refreshing and a great accompaniment to a carb-fueled meal. They weren't too heavy or overpowering which was another added benefit! When paying £8 a cocktail, I wouldn't expect any less, but I guess that's what you going to pay for most cocktails in London.

Overall, a nice sit down american-style eatery, probably best suited for a 'grab a quick bite with friends before a gig or after shopping..' type scenario. I'd like to visit one of the other sites as I saw there was a host of venues all over East London that all looked very different. 

If you enjoy my food posts and would like to see more of my London food experiences check out my previous blog posts. 



  1. Sounds zoo yummy- definitley making burgers tonight!

    \\Hannah Rose

  2. Burgers and amazing cocktails. This place is definitely getting onto my 'Must visit list'! Thanks for sharing! Lucy, xx

    1. Let me know if you end up visiting and what you think :) xo

  3. It sounds LOVELY although I do like my meat pretty rare hahah!! I would love to go here for lunch or something we just don't have diners are nice as that round here xx


    1. Yeah, think it would definitely be a good spot for lunch! Maybe if you go up to London anytime soon, theres so many dotted around London! xo

  4. It looks frikkin' amazing. The cocktails sound so nice.

    pierrelecat | fashion jewellery blog

    1. Mmmmm! I could do with one now, you must try if you head down to London :) xo


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