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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Return of the Mac Trench-coat.

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Lightweight Mac Trenchcoat - HM
White long-sleeve crop - Topshop
Black Joni Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Barbour Boots - Cloggs (*)

'Return of the MAC Trenchcoat'
And most importantly, the return of me!

So I hear you asking, where I have I been the last few weeks?
Bogged under with my new job. 
Don't get me wrong, its going great, there is just so much to learn, left, right and center and a trillion bits of training and information to absorb everywhere. 
Who knew becoming a Digital Marketing Executive could be so challenging? 
Let's be honest, I am learning the whole shiiiibang though, SEO, PPC, Social, Inbound marketing, managing client campaigns, webmaster tools and analytics.. and all the very technical bits too like website audits. 

Honestly, I was very under-qualified for the role I've been given. Of course, I know basics through dabbling with my blog optimization, managing and promoting my work through all mediums of social channels and having experience in other client-facing roles. 
But it was all down to taking part in a 3 month internship, where I successfully proved my worth and showed I had the capabilities, and could quickly adopt a strategic mindset in order to apply myself to all the other digital tasks. 
Which just goes to show internships are always a great learning curve, be that paid or unpaid and usually will give you that much needed foot in the door if you prove your worth the investment. 
It's great because I'm working in a fairly small digital marketing agency of about 12 people, where I'm getting a large overview of every aspect of digital marketing, rather than just one. 

So I'm already starting off as a slightly bigger fish in a smaller pond, which is always a great first step. 
I'll also be working towards doing my Google analytics and Adwords fundamentals training as well as becoming Inbound marketing certified in the next couple of months. 
All very exciting times, all rather go, but rather stressful too.
So I do apologise, as you can imagine, juggling a full-time job, while battling the early dark nights, blogging has taken a bit of a back-seat. 

However, I'm back, and I bring to you this gorgeous Mac I picked up in HM a few weeks back. 
Its super lightweight and I picked it up in a soft cream colour.
I'm so glad the Trenchcoat has reappeared, its the perfect garment that will slide me through to the autumn season in style. This one features a gently draping fabric ready to conceal me for the colder months ahead. 
It's practical, yet sexy!

Also think its a great fit with my tan Barbour boots!
What's your transitional garment guiding you into the autumnal months?



  1. Cute outfit, I love your coat and your boots too

  2. Glad your new job is going well, but of a challenge is not a bad thing. Fab trench too lady


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