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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Places To Eat in Surrey: Bombay Mela Review

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I’ll admit I’ve never been a huge fan of curry or Indian cuisine; I’ve always been a bit of a wimp when it comes to food of the spicy variety and usually tend to stick to all things mild. But lately my taste buds have been changing and my palette has been opened up to a whole new range of foods I never used to eat – and I now love! So when I started experiencing curry cravings for the first time ever (No, don't worry - I’m not pregnant) I knew it was time to test the buds again.

So I headed on down to an Indian restaurant, Bombay Mela, in Redhill, Surrey, with an open mind and a stomach ready to fill.

As soon as we were seated we were greeted with a generous amount of pompadoms and various dips. Believe me, one thing I can eat a lot of is pompadoms, so instantly I knew this was going to be bad news, with these sitting in front of me, while having ample time to gauge the menu and be very indecisive! I will always eat until the quantity in front of me disappears... unless there’s something seriously wrong with it. I only really opted for the mango chutney dip as this is my favourite and I ploughed through this, without giving Alex and his pompadoms much of a look-in.

I was surprised to see a Mojito on the menu and was instantly curious to see how a curry house would match up to various other cocktail bars and restaurants I have tried before. I must admit – I was pleasantly surprised, it was probably one of the nicest Mojito’s I’ve tasted in a while and it seems to be a cocktail that can be very hit and miss at times. 

The staff were very helpful, and keen to recommend dishes within the menu. You could tell they were passionate about their food. Alex followed through with some suggestions, me more so picky when it comes to curries, I followed my own head and opted for something mild, a tikka masala, still credit due, as this was a new experience for me as I have never tried this before. 

For starters we had onion bhaji's, they were spicy, but crisp and I really enjoyed them. 
Alex had a lamb starter dish which was recommended, it was called 'Pataila Lamb Chops' and he throughly enjoyed it. I was feeling pretty full by this point 
(thats those naughty pompadoms creeping up on me) 
but was looking forward to trying something new!
The tikka masala was really creamy and plentiful! It featured boneless chicken marinated in yogurt & spices with a tomato gravy.
Unfortunately I couldn't finish it all due to my previous greedy affair with pompadoms and mango chutney. However, its great to know I've found another curry I can indulge in and enjoy, without the cause for an urgent glass of milk. 

It was a lovely experience, and thanks to the kind staff at Bombay Mela for having us and for being so accomodating! 

It's worth a mention too, if your into all things shisha, theres a fully equipped garden out back. 
You can see more on their website here

Hope you enjoyed my review.

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