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Monday, September 08, 2014

Dreamcatcher | rightupmystreet

oversized vintage jumper
black jumper dress
old spitafields market vintage clothing
fedora hat asos
bohemian clothing
dreamcatcher necklace

Fedora Hat - ASOS (similar here)
Oversized Jumper Dress - Vintage
Leather Lace Up Boots - Topshop 

The lovely people behind Trinket Avenue have been following and liking my looks on Instagram for a while now and recently offered to send me a piece from their collection. Low and behold a company that has really done their research, pre-contact sussing out my personal style down to-a-T.

They suggested I style this bohemian dreamcatcher necklace that they thought would suit my style perfectly. Believe me, I was impressed! 

And it was definitely my style.. what a nice touch! Not only do I love bohemian fashion and style, as you can see in my Lace Kimono post and Boho Maxi post... I have been after a dream-catcher necklace for ages.

Last weekend I took a trip down to Shoreditch (my first ever actually) to meet some of the girls, 
We headed to Queen of Hoxton Rooftop Bar for some cocktails 'n' burgers. Yum! Then making our way towards Brick Lane for a bit of the old famous London vintage shopping scene. 

On route we were distracted (very distracted) by the Saturday vintage market in Old Spitafields.. and that's where I picked up this bargain oversized jumper dress. Handmade by a lovely seller. One thing I love hearing - ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Makes my life a-hell-a-lot-easier.

I love that I can wear this piece inside out too - the lovely pinstripe material underneath is what caught my eye and I loved it when featured with the rolled up sleeve look above. You'll probably see me wearing this inside out very soon!

P.s. Good news.

I've got myself a job as a Digital Marketing Executive! Things are finally looking up. I'll have more to come on this in a post soon..



  1. WOOHOO congrats on the job and what a really beautiful necklace too xx


  2. Gorgeous photos, I love the whole outfit, the hat, jumper dress, the necklace & I love the boots so much. Congratulations on the job xx

  3. Congratulations on the job !!
    I really like this look and how you've styled it

  4. lol one size fits all normally means this will not fit you! great neckalce really cool that theyve sent you something that really fits your style. oh and well done on the job front!

  5. Congratulations ! Love how you've styled the dress

    Distant Dreamer

  6. love love love that necklace and you have styled it gorgeously! x

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