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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Last of The Summer Pastels?

Pastel stripe bandeau maxi dress loveredlabel
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summer pastels maxi dress
nautical slip on shoes primark
Fedora - ASOS
Belt - River Island
Slip-Ons - Primark

Is the summer pastel trend drawing to a close?
I managed to nab the last few glimpses of the summer dry it seems.
Here I am showcasing some summer pastels from Loveredlabel with this stripe bandeau maxi. 
However, I'm not fretting over the weather, as this will be an ideal piece to throw into my suitcase for my long-over due summer holiday in October.  
Perfect beachwear!
With the nights growing darker and the rain getting heavier, my wardrobe is definitely inhabiting a more darker shade and I find myself back to buying my favourite snug pieces; polo necks, chunky knits and wool coats.
What pieces are you most looking forward to wearing next season?



  1. you look so lovely! sad to see summer go but i am so excited for autumn clothing :)

    cat // je suis cat xx

  2. I am loving those slipping ons. primark are so on point and I haven't even been in yet- love the dress so much too xxx

    Blonde of carbs


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