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Monday, August 04, 2014

Lets Make Out.

never fully dressed handmade tshirt
white black monochrome slogan tee
uk fashion and lifestyle blogger
stone pendant necklace birthstone black tied
peach jersey shorts missguided
platform chelsea boots missguided
Platform Chelsea Boots - Missguided

I'm guessing you've probably seen this slogan tee before.
Famous for its appearance on the lovely Kavita's (SheWearsFashion) blog.
Since I saw her style it up on her own blog - I was in love.
It has taken me almost a year to finally get to grips with the price of such a simple classic t-shirt (£29 eek!) and allow myself to buy and accept it with excessively willing arms!

I must admit - it's slightly different to as I expected. When Kavita wore it, she pulled it off as more of  oversized t-shirt dress 
(i know - hard to believe when you can see mine here)
I understand each piece is unique and handmade so sizing will differ!
And of course - no one rocks clothing like SheWearsFashion.
My handmade Amethyst Gemstone Crystal point necklace from Black Tied jewellery looks fab on such a simple white backdrop and is the perfect accessory for any outfit.
It was provided by Shopcade who offer lots of top trends for great prices.
I keep spotting lots of pineapple laden items on there!
I've got my own profile, check me out :)

I can't deny the fact this slogan is just pure genius
'Lets make out'
Oh alright then, only because you asked so nicely!



  1. I just love the way you've styled this tee especially with your necklace, I may have to get one! I love your boots too! :) x

  2. I love black tied jewellery it is so pretty && that tee is HOTTT xx

  3. In love with your boots and your necklace. Really liked how you styled them all together!

    Tania |

  4. I love that slogan tee, wouldn't worry about it not working as a dress. I buy actual dresses sometimes that end up no long enough to be dresses on me


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