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Friday, August 15, 2014

How to style black jeans.

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Black 'Joni' Jeans - Topshop 

So I guess you've come here because your looking for inspiration on how to style black jeans, specifically in this case, those of the 'skinny' variety. I was super keen to show off my new black chunky ankle strap heels from New Look which give my casual outfit that little bit of 'heightened edge' - and we all know heels and jeans are always a killer style combo.

The best thing about black jeans is they are pretty much the most flattering item of clothing you can own, the colour compliments pretty much every other on the spectrum, and I feel they have the power to make any body conscious soul feel a million dollars!

Excuse the cheesiness, I just tend to get quite excited over my favourite trusty pair of Topshop denim. I've decided to wear with this beautiful fairy-esk top from The Fashion Bible. Its referred to as a 'mini dress' *ehem*.. maybe I'm just abnormally tall but I really don't think I could get away wearing this and exclaiming.. 'oh but its a mini dress - its meant to be short' Those of you shorter in height however, I'm sure you could pull it off... 

Nevertheless, I don't want to take any glory away from the item, as I do oodle over anything crochet or that features lace detailing and this really is a cute little addition to my wardrobe :) 
Alex says I look like a fairy, I'll take that comment.
I hope you like my easy monochrome look, and I've given you some inspiration on how to best dress up your jeans and utilize the colour black. 

If there's any future style posts you'd like to see me do please let me know in the comments?



  1. Oh my gosh that is gorgeous, I am sooo short that maybe just maybe I could get away with it as a dress, it looks so nice with your jeans and heels those, love this outfit xxx

  2. Not sure how that would ever be a dress, it looks so short! Love your jeans

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