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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lace Maxi Kimono.

Wide brimmed fedora - River Island
Turqouise Halter Neck - Missguided
High waisted jeans - New Look

I must apologise for being so absent from the blogging front. I started my digital marketing internship two weeks ago and I've been knackered ever since, and evenings have literally just be a write off. I can't even locate a balance, let alone middle ground at the moment. Considering I've had the previous 3 months barely moving or leaving the house, or exerting much brain power with my broken arm (which is still broken! ARGHFH!), it's definitely going to take me some time to settle. 

Arm update: The only good piece of news I have to share with you all is that I'm out of my hideous arm brace that was literally consuming my body. I can now shower to my hearts content, perform a one handed hair wash & indulge in late night hot tub dips. However, even after 3 months the X-rays aren't showing any signs of bone reformation which isn't ideal at all.. so now I'm waiting for a CT scan to take a closer look.. which will determine whether I need to have an operation with a metal plate inserted and have a bone graft from my hip. As you can imagine I'm scared and feeling rather fed up and impatient with the whole process. 

I apologise to FDavenue for the delay on writing this post and featuring this lace maxi kimono. This is the first time I've been able to fit my arm into it. Oh and what I've been missing! 
I love wearing it! Isn't it beautiful?
I'm loving all the floor length kimono's online and on the high street at the moment, I feel they instantly add an elegant touch to any outfit. The lace design is my favourite feature, its ever so delicate and floaty.
This would look great worn on holiday with my motel high-waisted bikini. 
I paired with my new wrap front turquoise pastel halter neck beauty from missguided. 
Missguided is ridden with adorning pastels at the moment, I keep buying the odd piece here and there.. buying in small quantities justifies buying more frequently right? 
It's proving quite dangerous now I'm earning some dollar.. and even get paid weekly. 

I just made a cheeky purchase on Never Fully Dressed too. 
I've been lusting after the 'Lets make out' tee for over a year now, battling my guilty conscious of spending almost £30 on a plain white slogan tee. I've now caved.
Thinking my weekly paycheck may have had something to do with that. 


  1. wow this is stunning I wish i was tall enough for one, just got that missguided top in white i love it xx

    1. I'm tempted to buy all the other colours now - I bet the white one is nice! Xx

  2. Love your hat! Sorry too hear about your arm, that operation sounds scary! I hope it gets sorted without you having to go through that!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. This is my go-to hat! I know it really does, let's hope it doesn't come to that. They are being really slow about it all though and now I'm having problems with my shoulder! :( xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Amy! You never miss a post of mine I can always count on you to read my rambles! :) :) xx

  4. Hope the internship is going well! Sorry to hear about your arm - not exactly the best news :( Love how effortlessly boho this outfit is! xx

    1. Thank you Rhiannon! I'm getting there slowly. Will have been there 3 weeks end of this one, crazy! Xx

  5. your kimono is so pretty! Hope your internship goes well!

  6. Been eyeing up this Kimono for ages, but will definitely be adding it to my basket now I've seen how lovely it looks on! Good luck with your internship too :) x

    1. You should definitely get it polly! It's so versatile and just effortlessly glam. You would look great! Xx

  7. Bekki I swear you are my style inspiration haha! I love this kimono. I too am after a floor length one, how much was this? Thanks lovely!
    Rebecca xxx


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