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How To Style Vintage Levi Jeans.

how to style vintage levi jeans
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missguided pastel top pink
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vintage levi high waisted jeans denim blue
Blue Fedora - ASOS
Textured Cami - Missguided
Belt - River Island
Vintage High-waisted Levi Jeans - Brag Vintage (*)
Nautical Sliders - Primark 

Hey boys and gals. 
(infact - before I jump to rash conclusions about my readership) 
Do any boys read my blog? I very much doubt! 
I've just always wanted to open up with that line. 
Speak or forever remain anonymous?

Here's how I've decided to style up my vintage levi jeans. 
I've gone for a quite a casual look, with a statement textured pastel pink vest from Missguided. 
I had to share with you these bargain 'pool slider' type slip-ons I got from Primark. 
They have cute nautical stripes and a little buckle in the middle. 
They cost me a mere £4 and are so comfy and the shoe literally shapes to my feet - I'm not kidding. With these hot days in the office I've worn them into work everyday so far. Thats clear evidence of how comfy they are. 
I find the best way for me (personally) with my shape to wear vintage levi's, is by always having something tucked in, or coming in at my waist. 
Be that a jumper, oversized blouse, crop top, a fluffy knit, etc.
Always wear them with a belt, it helps break up the outfit a bit and draw the attention elsewhere, otherwise its just a fail and my hips and legs look really frumpy. 
Roll those legs up or roll them down, 
depends how 'casual' a-look your really wanting to achieve..
Like I mentioned before - I'm going for the everyday, 'I haven't tried too hard or put too much effort into this outfit' kind of look. 
For many they prove to be a tricky item to style!

I hope you like my casual look and can draw some inspiration from it!
How do you, wear yours?
I'd love to learn a thing or three from you also :)


  1. Ok, I am officially in love with those jeans. I've been wanting a pair like that for ages, need to get me some!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love this outfit its really 'right up my street' as they say! haha. Ive always wanted a pair of levis but I've never found a pair perfect for me as of yet!

    Id love for you to also check out my beauty fashion, and lifestyle blog;

    Thank you!!

  3. You look HOT I love this outfit so much xxx

  4. Love this! Great styling, high waisted jeans with a fedora is now of my staple combos :)

    Helen xx

  5. Great casual look with the vintage Levi's chick. I wish I could get away with wearing sliders to work, so comfortable


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