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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

From Dusk Till Dawn.

Lace Maxi Kimono - FDAvenue (*)
Tan Sandals - Primark

This bandeau dress sadly had to be tucked away into the back of my wardrobe for a rather long time until I had my upper body freedom back. 
This lovely little number is from Motel Rocks that was kindly sent to me to wear to Field Day Festival back in June. Timings were unfortunately not accurate, as I (stupidly) believed I would be fixed and on the mend by then. So I didn't feel comfortable wearing along with my horrible brace. 
So now its making its debut!

I think this lacy gem works perfectly with my delicate lace maxi kimono. I wanted to create an ensemble of soft pastel pink tones that back-dropped perfectly against the glowing sunset in my garden. I applied a 'dusk' filter to my photos which I think really adds to the calm and collected, summer evening I wanted to capture. 
I feel ready to traipse along a golden sandy beach in Mykonos right now. 
I love the corset style front and midi length finish. 
I think I need this lace kimono in black now too?

P.s. I'm really happy with my blog at the moment, I finally feel like I've found a healthy balance where I can go to work 9-5, still manage some outfit photos while the sun sticks around, and write up my blog post before bed.
Lets not dwell on those darker nights making an appearance anytime soon! (eshhh)


  1. Glad you've found a good balance between your blog and your job! The lace kimono and dress go perfectly together

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, I am desperate for a kimono like this they are so sweet xxx

  3. That dress is beautiful, the white suits you so much you look gorggggg

  4. I'm a sucker for lace and this outfit is lovely! :) <3 Gisforgingers xx

  5. I love floor length kimonos and yours is perfect!

    Love Emma xx


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