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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where I ate: Cafe Football.

On the weekend of Field Day Festival on the Friday evening
I was kindly invited to try out the new Cafe Football Restaurant at the Westfields in Stratford City, which is the restaurant of former team mates Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs. 
It was ideally locally next door (very lucky & convenient) to the Holiday Inn Alex's parents had treated us to for the festival weekend. Here is my blog post documenting my visit.. with lots of pictures showcasing the scrummy food!
I didn't try a milkshake this time but next time Bubblegum is my first choice! 
I didn't think the Cosmo's and milkshake would be a good mix...
After arriving late due to train delays and by 9pm feeling extremely hungry, having left ample space, we wanted to fill our bellies!
We opted for some starters where we chose:

- Salt Chilli Squid £7.95
- Rack of Ribs £7.95

The dishes were surprisingly spicy and I got a bit caught out, while having to gulp most of my first cosmopolitan pretty fast.
There wasn't any milk in sight! 
Despite my initial reaction the starters were super yummy. I've had a lot of squid dishes recently but I must admit, this was such a light tasty batter with hints of spring onion and coriander and chilli (duh! spice is in the name Becki) paired with a lime aoili dip.
The ribs were really tender and just fell off the bone and worked perfectly well with the spicy BBQ sauce!
I also loved the presentation of the dishes, ribs upon a mini-scale football pitch and squid amid a little cauldron. 
We were both suitably impressed after our first course. I think with the 'cafe' in the name, part of  you expects to be greeted with cafe standard food, how very wrong I was!
With a menu created by a Michelin star chef, it sees traditional, wholesome food transformed into something extraordinary. 
Its got a really casual atmosphere with ample TV screens dotted around the place showcasing all the latest live football games (hence the name), as you can imagine my football loving boyfriend was in heaven!
I can imagine its got a buzzing atmosphere on match nights - especially with the world cup coming up, I can imagine its going to be rammed.  
Next was main courses and me and Alex opted for:

- The Hometeam Burger £9.95
- Chilli Dog £11.95

With a side of:
- Pulled Pork, Smoked Baked Beans £3.45

As you can see from the pictures!!
My Hometeam burger came complete with dry aged beef, mature cheddar and a tomato and onion relish.
It was bloomin' marvelous!
Believe me, I've had a lot of yummy burgers in my time, with one of my firm favourites being the good old Bryon Burger and this was definitely a new contender.
It packed so much flavour, I think it was the sweet tomato and onion relish that kicked it off along with the juicy beef and oozing cheese.
If the picture isn't enough to make you drool on its own without my description! 
Alex's chilli dog looked incredible and was packed full of all sorts, however, I thought best to avoid before a long weekend of festival and drinking!
Alex also insisted we try the side of homemade smoked baked beans covered in bbq pulled pork. That was a intense side, I could only have a little bit as I was already struggling with my burger and chips, don't get me wrong it was scrummy - just suffering from a case of eyes bigger than my belly syndrome. Of course not to worry, Alex polished it off nicely!
I didn't get a good enough picture but for desserts they have a huge selection of homemade ice-cream which excited me.. being sensible we decided to share a scoop of honeycombe between us.
My it was yummy!

I'd definitely like to go back again so I can try the milkshakes and leave a bigger space for dessert as there was so much to choose from.
If you're looking for somewhere to watch the world cup games and have some delicious food at half time, I'd recommend getting yourself down to Cafe Football in Stratford Westfields!

I know they have one up in Manchester too, plus, a Hotel Football is coming complete with a rooftop football pitch... say whaaat! That's definitely somewhere I'd like to visit.


  1. Wow, the food there looks A-MAZING, it's actually making me hungry thinking about it!
    (Just a shame about the footbal ;) )

    Fizzy Peaches

  2. This looks so delicious! I really don't think you can beat a good burger when you're absolutely starving ha!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  3. Wow this all looks delicious!!!

  4. The food looks yummy :)
    Would it be possible for you to change the font and size of your text? I love your blog but the writings so small I find it too hard to read and concentrate on and I'd like to be able to read all the content :)

    amber love


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