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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What I Wore: Icecream

Bowler Hat - Missguided
Round Sunglasses - New Look
Belt - River Island
High Waisted Levi Shorts - Vintage
Platform Chelsea Boots - Missguided

I do make myself laugh, since I got this top I have been forever referring to it as covered in 'lollies' when they are clearly ice cream cones! *face palm*
I can't believe I've only just noticed!
I think I'm starting to form a predominant love for food-based clothing, I find myself lusting after clothing with pineapples, watermelons and now ice creams. I think its the summer heat influencing all my choices in clothing pattern and design preferences.. Oh how I'd love to eat a watermelon..
So this rainbow ice-cream print on a cute tee is much loved by me! 
Oh my, they even have a tee with pineapples on it (I shouldn't have looked) which needs to be mine, not to mention a pineapple covered dress!

I thought I'd whip the levi's out, its been such a long time since I've worn a pair and in previous summers they have always been my go to staple bottoms. However, I feel like I'm getting to the stage and body shape where I can't pull them off anymore, my hips and thighs are forever growing it seems, without my small waist to compensate there wouldn't be any chance for these to see the light of day again.
On another note I can't wait till my body's fixed and I can get exercising again and hopefully make them a bit more roomy :)


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  1. Aw how cute is that tee?! Such an adorable print for summer! You look gorggggg!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog


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